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Rockett Pedals - Animal Overdrive

Rockett Pedals - Animal Overdrive
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Rockett Pedals - Animal Overdrive

Animal Overdrive

 Der Animal ist reproduziert den 1968 Plexi Sound. Er klingt äußerst offen und fast wie ein Verstärker, er macht aus einem normalen Plexi einen modifizierten Plexi mit dem typischen Growl. Er kann sehr aggressiv werden, aber es ist keineswegs ein normales Distortionpedal, stellen Sie sich einen übersteuerten Plexi vorund Sie wissen, wie offen und natürlich der Animal klingt. Wir lieben dieses Pedal!


  1. Volume: Controls signal level
  2. Gain: Controls amount of overdrive
  3. Treble: Controls high frequencies
  4. Bass: Controls low frequencies
  5. Snarl: Switch from vintage plexi voicing to modified plexi voicing

 The Animal is our creation of a 1968 Plexi Sound. The Animal is an extremely open and amp like sound that can get you from a stock plexi to a modified plexi with the flick of the snarl switch. The Animal can get very aggressive but it is by no means a distortion pedal, just think of a cranked plexi and how open and natural it sounds. We love this pedal!

before you stop reading?.yes?.there are many stompboxes that bill themselves as ?plexi in a box? pedals, and yes, a lot of them fall short of that classic Marshall sound.  But the folks at Rockett Pedals have truly delivered a wondrous plexi styled stompbox with their Animal Overdrive.  This is the real deal, kids, so listen up.  Get the classic tone of a wide open Marshall plexi, but without having to hump a 4x12 to the gig.  This is perfect for you players who have amps with Fender voiced circuits, cause this pedal will get you back in black and a fair warning all in one easy to use overdrive.  As with Rockett Pedal?s other superb stompboxes, there are endless tonal varieties to choose from.  You?re only limited by the free time you have to tweak your sound.  Volume controls the signal, and Gain controls the level of overdrive.  The Bass and Treble knobs are highly responsive and allow you to dial in some variable tones with just some creative use of all 4 knobs.  The Snarl switch allows you to move from a classic plexi tone to a modified overdrive plexi tone.  

The Rockett Pedals Animal Overdrive delivers that hot plexi tone that is synonymous with ROCK.  That?s right.  When you say the word ?ROCK?, this is the sound you hear in your head.  Get on a highway to hell to paradise city, cause its women and children first.  This will clean out your toys in the attic and get yer led out.  The Rockett Pedals Animal Overdrive has enough sustain and drive to kick it with your metal-crazed cousins, but it has some lower gain settings that can really thicken up some single coils and get your Strat back in the saddle.  The snarl switch will get you hot for teacher, and sustain for days.  Time to get on all fours and bark at the moon, ?cause the Rockett Pedals Animal Overdrive is on the hunt.   


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