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Vitoos VLP-8 programmable loop controller

Vitoos VLP-8 programmable loop controller

Vitoos VLP-8 programmable loop controller Vitoos VLP-8 programmable loop controller
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The VITOOS VLP8 is a powerful effects loop controller for most guitar/bass effect pedals in the market, it allows the guitar/bass player to insert EIGHT separate pedal effects chains and remove them when not in use. This is particularly advantageous when using some pedals that causing noise or loading problems in the signal chain. With eight digital LEDs display to show clearly all the group of pedals you preferred. VLP8 features 32 programmable groups and true-bypass switching for pure signal transmission.


  1. 32 programmable Groups of FX Storage
  2. All True-Bypass switching
  3. Super Fast Switching Speed
  4. Super Low Switching Noise


  1. Connect guitar/bass to INPUT jack
  2. Connect your pedals ( one or more) to L1~L8 with connecting pedal INPUT to SEND and pedal OUTPUT to RETURN.
  3. Connect OUTPUT to your Amplifier or PA system.
  4. Connect DC 9V adaptor to VLP8 to turn it on, then get all Pedals in effects.
  5. The VLP8 is ?TRUE BYPASS? when it is just turned on and the LEDs are flickering.
  6. Stomp the BANK+/- to choose the loop group you want to use, edit or save.
  7. Stomp the ABCD to choose the 4 different loop memories among all 8 groups.
  8. Double stomp any of ABCD to open/shut the BYPASS mode.
  9. Press EDIT to change the pedals in the current loop.
  10. Stomp BANK +/- to choose ?L? or ?H? channels.
  11. Stomp ABCD to choose L4,L3,L2,L1 when the bank is in ?L?.
  12. Stomp ABCD to choose L8,L7,L6,L5 when the bank is in ?H?.
  13. Press STORE when you decide the loop pedals in current memory.

Important Notice

  1. VLP8 does not come with built-in effects, it only chains your effect pedals in a loop system.
  2. Do not place or use in waterish locations which might cause circuit shorted or other electric dangers.
  3. Use only 9V/1A DC adaptor with outlets rated 100-120V or 230V 47-63Hz and positive barrel, negative center polarity plug.
  4. Do not use any other adaptors different from the requested ones as above, or there might cause harm to the unit, the adapter or you.
  5. Unplug your VLP8 when not in use for extended periods of time.
  6. Guard against water or other liquids entering the enclosure.


What?s in package

  1. VLP8 Loop controller
  2. 9V/1A power adaptor
  3. 8 power connecting cables
  4. User manual
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