65 Amps Ext. Cab 1x12 Blue - Alnico Blue

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65 Amps Ext. Cab 1x12 Blue - Alnico Blue Boutique Amp US handwired

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This cabinet fits the Lil Elvis or Tupelo head like a glove, or you can use it as an extension for your Little Elvis or Tupelo Combo.

Speaker: Available with any one of these speakers Celestion G12H30, AlNiCo Blue or AlNiCo Gold

Watts: 20 with AlNiCo Blue, and 50 with AlNiCo Gold

Dimensions: 25" Long x 10" Deep x 19 '" Tall

Weight: 47lbs

Artikelgewicht: 5,00 Kg

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Frage zum Produkt