Dunlop DCR 2SR Rack Cry Baby

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DCR-2SR Crybaby Custom Shop


Das legendäre Crybaby fürs Rack aus dem Dunlop Custom Shop. Volume/Wah schaltbar, 6 Centerfrequenzen, regelbare Sweeprange, User definierbarer Boost sowie ein 6-Band EQ lassen weitreichende Klangmöglichkeiten zu, und das auf einer vorbildlich designten Oberfläche. Bis zu 6 (!) Controllerpedals können angeschlossen werden, was auch auf großen Bühnen einen kurzen Weg zum (nächsten) Pedal garantiert.

  • 19" 1HE Rack Crybaby
  • Volume/Wah Funktion
  • 6 Eckfrequenzen
  • regelbare Range und Q
  • +/- regelbarer Boost
  • 6-Band EQ
  • inklusive Controllerpedal und Anschlusskabel
  • Betrieb über Dunlop ECB 735 AC Adapter (20V) (inklusive)
  • Made in USA


 The Dunlop Custom Shop Crybaby Rack Wah Module. FREE shipping anywhere in the USA!

The Dunlop Custom Shop Rack Wah gives more control over your wah tone than any wah pedal in the world. The 6-position switch lets you select the frequency, sweep range, and the variable Q control which determines the shape of the wah effect. The 6-band EQ allows even more precise fine-tuning. The adjustable boost (up to +/- 10dB) make the Rack Wah even more flexible. You can connect up to six pedals and place them anywhere onstage. The two continuous outputs (Through, Wet/Dry) give you optional routing options for even more versatility.

And, as an added bonus, this product has a separate volume section. This is a volume control that can be remotely varied by using a standard 250K volume pedal located up to 500 feet from the rack without having the audio signal ever leaving the rack. This keeps the signal path very short and minimizes its exposure to environmental noise. The volume section is entirely independent of the wah section so it can be placed electrically anywhere in the effects chain.

Included with the DCR-2SR: One DCR-1FC foot controller, one ECB-007 24-volt AC adapter, screws and washers for rack mounting and the cable to connect the DCR-1FC to the DCR-2SR.

Power: Dunlop ECB-007 24-volt AC Adapter (included)


  • 6-position swtich selects frequency center of effect
  • 6-band graphic EQ allows tonal fine-tuning
  • Six controller inputs for multiple remote access (requires DCR-1FC foot controller)
  • Effect switching is handled with a hard wire bypass relay that complete
  • removes all the input circuitry from the signal when the effect is bypassed or turned off.
  • Two continuous outputs for versatility: Through and wet/dry (hardwire bypassed).
  • Volume control incorporated pre-amp boost with up to +10dB additional gain.
  • A remote input that will switch the rack into bypass mode with a simple switch closure.

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