Mr Black Ambience Echoverb

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Mr. Black Ambience Echoverb

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2 unabhängige, modulierte Echo's, die in ein Reverb münden... Das klingt einfach nach Träumen und Abtauchen...

The Mr. Black lab has been hard at work to deliver this, the Ambience Echoverb. With a name like ?Ambience,? there?s a lot to live up to. But, this is Mr. Black we?re talking about, and the Black one always delivers.

The heart of the Ambience is the fusion of two independent modulated echoes being fed into a reverb. Yes, Mr. Black, the creator of the Supermoon, Eterna, Dark Echo and Deluxe Plus has made a pedal specially designed for soundscapes. You?re welcome.

As the name implies, the Ambience does a great job of filling in the cracks of any run or passage with organic echoes and modulation. 

Of course, the Ambience wasn?t engineered to play second banana to any other delay pedal; it works just fine as a primary delay. The Level knob governs this. However, the Span control adjusts how much time is ?between? both delays. As one might imagine, this gets pretty lush when cranked, and singular when not. The Decay knob is a blend between delay regeneration and reverb amount. When these knobs are adjusted in tandem, things get dreamy in a hurry.

Mr. Black Ambience Echoverb

  • Two tuned, modulated echoes driving a lush reverb
  • Adjust span between both echoes
  • Unique Decay knob helps fine tune the effect interplay
  • 100% designed and built in the USA

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