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Artikelnummer: 26951527

Guitar Effects Pedal - XOTIC BB PREAMP !

Kategorie: XOTIC

209,00 €

inkl. 19% USt. , versandfreie Lieferung

sofort verfügbar

Lieferzeit: 2 - 3 Werktage



Der BB Pre Amp verfügt über die meisten Verzerrungsreserven des Booster Trios. Die Klangfarbe geht in Richtung British und man kann sehr schöne Hi-Gain Sounds damit hinbekommen.
Die Regelmöglichkeiten umfassen : Gain,, Volume, Treble, Bass
True Bypass Schalter, LED-Anzeige, 9 Volt Anschluss

  • Preamp Limitierte 2010 Serie
  • Booster oder Distortion Pedal
  • mit Volumen - Gain - Treble und Bassregler
  • True Bypass Schalter
  • soft Distortion und singing lead Sounds, 30dB+ clean boost, ±15dB two band active EQ
  • Netzteil optional

" The BB Preamp is a great sounding soft Distortion and Sustain pedal. It really produces a great fat singing lead tone! The BB gives you a more sustained focused lead tone than the AC. Between the RC, AC, and BB, you can cover all your boost, overdrive, and gain needs!" Josh Smith

Scott Henderson
"I tried the BB Preamp on my gig and I love it! After 3 years using the SD-9 I'm changing to the BB in my rack. I'll talk about it on my message board!
Scott Henderson!" Scott Henderson message board is here!

Lee Ritenour
" I was worried about airplane travels in Europe. So I brought my new Signature model, which is a very nice guitar but it doesn't have quite the push of the sound that I like that I got from my old one. So I used the BB Preamp with the gain all the way down. I almost used it as a pre-amp in the sense of just boosting the clean sound a little bit. As a true booster of the tone and the volume. Almost like a compressor without compressing. It's very effective for me...."
Lee's Full interview is here!

Steve Lukather
I used my Xotic pedals and love them. They are my "secret weapon" at Simon Phillips studio. I used it on Tony Levins new Cd as well as some of the new Toto Cd. Luke

Greg Howe
"This is one of the only pedals I've ever played through that actually enhances most of the characteristics that I look for in a cool tone, and that are typically desired by tone conscious players. With most gain-boost pedals you sacrifice tone for playability.this pedal adds to the tone while giving you that fun playability. Very Nice!" Greg's Video Clip is


"The first time I used BB Preamp I was blown away! I've never heard such warm, subtle, tube-like distortion from a pedal like this before!" - Wayne Johnson

"The BB Preamp picks up where the where the Tube Screamer has left off. Its smooth sustain and rich harmonics are enhanced by its perfectly voiced EQ section." - Blues Saraceno

Vintage Guitar Magazine
Review is here!

BB Preamp was introduced at NAMM show 2005

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