65 Amps Lil Elvis Head - Blue Line

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65Amps Lil Elvis Head - Blue Line Boutique Amp US handwired

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Lil' Elvis is a breakthrough amplifier rooted in some lost designs from the early '60s' best designer. Based on a 2xEL84 power section, 12AX7 front end and a clean output of 12 Watts. The authority and vocabulary of this little amp are truly surprising and inspiring. One will never feel that he's playing a small amplifier at all. With the feel of a mini-4x12 rig, Lil' Elvis is truly a pleasure for the rock, country, jazz, R&B and hard rockers alike.

In addition to a truly astonishing vocabulary, touch response and harmonic content, Lil' Elvis has 65's 'Master Voltage'? (patent applied for). Our Master Voltage is a large leap forward in power technology. Not a scaling schema, attenuator or master volume, the Master Voltage keeps the entire vocabulary, authority, and responses down to 2 or 3 watts. This feature makes Lil' Elvis an outstanding recording, small club or large stage amp especially when in-ear monitors are required for your gig.

Features include the Master Voltage?, passive FX loop, 2 speaker outs, a unique tremolo and tone for days...

Output: 12 Watts
Tubes: Three 12AX7 preamp tubes, two EL84 output tubes, one EZ81 rectifier
Combo speakers: 1x12' Celestion G12H30
Panel controls: Volume, Smooth switch, Tone, Bump switch, Intensity, Speed, Master
Extras: Series effects loop, two-button footswitch jack, dual speaker outs, switch for 8O & 16O impedance
Cabinet: Finger-jointed Baltic birch
Dimensions: Head: 24.75' W x 8.5' D x 10.5' H; Combo: 25" W x 10" D x 19.75' H
Weight in box: Head: 29 lbs, Combo: 57 lbs
Accessories: Footswitch included

Pair with Elvis style cabinet:
Speakers: 1x12' Celestion G12H30
Dimensions: 25" W x 10" D x 19.75' H
Weight in box: 47 lbs

Click here to download the Lil' Evlis user manual.

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