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Analog Alien Twister Fuzzpedal w/SwitchableBuffer
Analog Alien - Alien Twister Fuzzpedal w/SwitchableBuffer

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Flexibles Pedal, das als Fuzz, Distortion oder Overdrive genutzt werden kann. Kommt in einer wirklich witzigen Verpackung! True Bypass.

Analog Alien Alien Twister

The Alien Twister has landed!  All new from Analog Alien effects, the Alien Twister is a monster of a fuzz generator that can go from heavy, defined distortion to vintage overdrive to thick, wooly vintage fuzz.  The In control adjusts the amount of input signal gets fed to the fuzz circuit, crank it for more fuzz.  The Stab control adjusts the amount of bias voltage is fed to the final transistor stage.  The less voltage, the more stabby and sputter the Alien Twister is, the more voltage the more defined the fuzz with increased sustain.  Be careful with the Output control; it reaches unity gain at 10 o’clock so there is plenty of extra volume on tap.  The In and Stab controls work hand in hand to give the user any distortion tone they may want, plus some.  In addition to these great features, the Twister also contains a footswitchable buffer.  This allows the pedal to push long cable runs without signal loss as well as be used before a wah pedal without the strange artifacts.  The Analog Alien Alien Twister landed on our planet in a branded wooden box!

Analog Alien Alien Twister Features:

  • True Bypass w/Switchable Buffer
  • Stab Control for Bias Voltage
  • Standard -9VDC or Battery Operation

The Alien Twister  has touched down, and according to preliminary reports it has all the makings of an F-5 Tornato! The Alien Twister is a Fuzz, Distortion, Overdrive pedal  with a built in buffer. The Twister comes in a cloth satchel and is packed in it’s own branded wooden box and includes a bottle of Chips favorite Hot Sauce. With an output  that reaches unity gain at 10 O’ Clock this pedal has plenty of power to blow the doors off  of all your favorite venues

Pedal Features:

Input Control:

The Input Control adjusts the level of the signal that is sent to the input of AT and is a very handy feature to have on a fuzz pedal. It not only makes the AT more versatile, but when combined with the stab control, it offers you, the guitarist, a greater spectrum of tonal possibilities.

Output Control:

The Output Control sets the amount of output signal that is sent to your amp. Let me warn you that the AT has a lot of output gain – a lot! It reaches unity gain at 10 O’Clock!

Stab Control:

The Stab Control adjusts the amount of voltage that is sent to the final transistor stage of the Alien Twister. Turning the Stab Control counter-clockwise to the left decreases the voltage. The more this control is turned to the left, the more the notes will tend to splatter and will have less definition. Turning the Stab Control clockwise to the right increases the voltage level. The result is a stronger sounding fuzz with lots of sustain and greater note definition. The sensitivity of this control depends on how strong your pickups are and how you set the input control on the AT. The Stab Control works hand in glove with the input control. Both can be adjusted to allow you to go from a thick vintage fuzz to a full rich distortion, and finally to an expressive overdrive.


You may have read or heard about placing a buffer in your signal chain, but what is a buffer? A buffer is a simple preamp circuit that has a high input impedance and a low output impedance. The buffer adds no gain to the signal, but by converting the impedance from high to low, it gives the signal the strength it needs to make its way through long cable runs, as well as through the circuitry of the other pedals that you may have in your signal chain. A well designed buffer, like the one in the Alien Twister, will accomplish this without loss of tone or signal level.

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