Bad Cat Siamese Dual Drive Overdrive Pedal

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Bad Cat Siamese Dual Drive Overdrive Pedal

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Der Bad Cat Siamese Drive besteht aus identischen Overdrive Pedalen, die sich entweder separat oder in Kombination nutzen lassen. Damit ist eine weite Palette an Sounds möglich, von Clean Boost bis sattem Overdrive.

Introducing the Siamese Dual Drive pedal from Bad Cat. The Siamese drive is a dual stacked overdrive in a single enclosure. Both drive circuits are identical, and capable of everything from transparent clean boost, to soft warm overdrive, and up through a thick full crunch. All the while maintaining a crisp note articulation.

The controls are simple: volume, tone, and gain. The gain controls work independently from the volume. Gain can be set to zero, and the volume will work as a simple clean boost.

Set the gain on each side where you want it to get anywhere from a subtle bluesy grind, to rich, harmonic crunching overdrive. By utilizing the two overdrives back to back, the pedal is allowing for a rich array of tonal combinations.

The Siamese 1+1=3 pedal allows for side A overdrive, side B overdrive, and side A & B together - for a rich array of tonal combinations.


  • Can act as a clean boost, warm overdrive or full on distortion
  • Two identical circuits

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