Bad Cat Unleash V2

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Bad Cat Unleash V2 Unleash, The worlds first re-amplifier / attenuator.

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Revamped and redesigned in 2016, may we introuduce the Unleash V2 - The World?s First Re-Amplifier and Attenuator Combo For Tube Amplifiers. Reactive load input (patent pending) keeps feel intact
Two foot-switchable channels 1/10 to 100 watt output Variable input impedance 4, 8, 16 OHMHeadphone and direct recording out
Re-Amplifier or Attenuate Featured Applications:
Add a second channel and an effects loop to your favorite amplifier without drilling any holes The ability to gig with your favorite lunchbox or small wattage amplifier as it attenuates up to 100 watts with two separate channels Turn any combo into a wet-dry rig with an extension cab Direct out to play or record your favorite amplifier, or play into headphones silently

Das weltweit erste
ttenuator. Dieses Gerät wird jeden Verstärker von 1 bis 100 Watt ergänzen und entweder anheben oder abschwächen, von flüsterleise im Schlafzimmer, auf 100 schmetternden Watt im Club. Zwei Fuß schaltbare Volume Kontrollen Für Rhythmus- und Solo Sounds. Binden Sie auch einen zusätzlichen Effekt-Loop direkt aus dem Unleash ein.

Der Umleash ist sehr einfach in der Anwendung. Um die Leistung zu steigern, stecken Sie den Lautsprecher-Ouput Ihres Amps mit niedriger Wattzahl in den Unleash Eingang und den Ausgang Unleash in eine Lautsprecherbox. Jetzt haben Sie Ihren Lieblings LoWatt Amp mit seinem typischen Sound und bis zu 100 Watt zur Verfügung stehenden Leistung. Aber ACHTUNG: Vergessen Sie nicht, bei maximaler Lautstärke ebenfalls auch die maximale Leistung Ihres Speakers zu berücksichtigen!


  • Verstärker und Attenuator
  • für Verstärker und Combos zwischen 1 und 100 Watt
  • Kanäle: 2
  • Leistung: 100 Watt
  • Eingangsimpedanz: 8 Ohm
  • Ausgangsimpedanz: 4, 8 und 16 Ohm
  • Regler: Ch.1, Ch. 2, Input Trim
  • FX-Loop
  • Direct Out
  • Anschluss für Fußschalter
Owner's Manual

The worlds first re-amplifier / attenuator. This device will take any amplifier from 1 to 100 watts and either attenuate or boost, from whisper quiet in the bedroom, to 100 plus blaring watts in the club. Two foot switchable volumes controls allow for rhythm and lead volumes. Unleash also offers an effects loop and direct out. Another first from the engineers at Bad Cat.

Boost The Unleash is very simple to use in application. To boost, plug the speaker output of your low wattage amp into the unleash input and the output of the unleash into a speaker cabinet. Now you have your favorite small wattage amp with the tone intact and 100 watts of available power. Don't forget that the unleash has an effects loop to plug that delay or chorus pedal into.

Attenuate How often have you wound up the gain on your 100 watt fire breather, rolled back the volume on your attenuator and hit the front end with a booster and got nothing? It just got dirtier with no appreciable boost in volume. With The Unleash you have boost to spare without changing the tone that you took so long to dial in. Having two channels to switch between affords the ultimate clean boost. Try putting an EQ in the effects loop and the tonal shaping options expand.

Sound Transparent. The unleash leaves your tone intact like no attenuator that has come before it. The reactive load circuitry fools the tube amps output section into thinking it is still reacting with a speaker cabinet. It will bloom and squash just as if you are plugged into your cab.

Input Trim When the input trim LED lights up it is an indication of sufficient signal to drive the full potential of the Unleash output. Try to set the input trim to light up when signal is peaking. Feel free to push it harder, you cannot hurt it.

Effects Loop Don't forget the ability to insert effects post tube power amp. Try placing an EQ after your favorite amp and open all kinds of tonal possibilities. The unleash come with a direct out to record or send to a board while doing away with the necessity of plugging you amp into a cab. This is useful for those late night recording sessions.

Direct Out The Unleash comes with a direct out to record or send to a board. This is useful for those late night recording sessions. This direct out is a line level signal.

Footswitch (available separately) The footswitch allows you to have two volume controls, which can be switched back and forth with any single button channel switch pedal.

Weighs 4.5 pounds


  • Two foot-switchable channels
  • Effects Loop
  • Reactive Load Input (patent pending). Pushes back like a real speaker so tube amps behave naturally and don't experience the strain of common load boxes and attenuators.
  •  Adjustable input impedance for 4, 8, 16 ohm guitar amplifiers
  • Two speaker outputs with variable impedance to pair 4, 8, or 16 ohm loads
  •  Speaker phase switch
  • Silent operation switch
  • Error-proof circuit protection to guard against improper cable connection
  • 1/4" line out and headphone jack with "Bad Cat Celestion" speaker simulation
  • 1 to 100 watt output

                                                            Recommended Applications

  • Re-amplify a low wattage amp into a 1-100 watt amp
  • Attenuate a high wattage amp into a 1-100 watt amp
  • Dial in the sweet spot on your tube amp at any volume while retaining tone and feel
  • Run the master volume on your guitar amp wide open to maximize power tube harmonics
  • Add foot-switchable rhythm & lead master levels to your amp
  • Add an effects loop to your amp

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