Bare Knuckle Pickups Stockholm HSP90 Set TVS Cover

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Bare Knuckle Pickups Stockholm HSP90 Set TVS Cover

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Bare Knuckle Pickups Stockholm HSP90 Set TVS Cover

  • 6 String Set
  • 2 Conductor + Screen
  • Chrome-Tv - Nickel Screw
  • Polarity - RW/RP
  • Leg Length - Short (1/4")
  • Pole Screw - Nickel Screw
  • Cover Finish - Brushed Nickel TV
  • Cover Type - Tvs

The Stockholm HSP90 is a high output, modern voiced HSP90 designed for players looking to push the boundaries of progressive tone.

The Stockholm HSP90 takes the attitude of its sibling, the Supermassive HSP90, up a notch in both power and aggression. Driven by custom size Alnico V bar magnets, output is strong and more than capable of driving long chains of FX and pushing an amp hard.

As a true P90, the tone is naturally fat with all the extended frequency response of a single coil, the front of each note never losing its edge. The bottom-end is massive with exceptional definition. Single notes stay razor-sharp and sound full with plenty of body, even under heavy gain or fuzz. Clean tones are round with a deep chime and totally modern character. With the higher output of the Stockholm, dynamics are more controlled, providing excellent sustain.

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