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Bearfoot FX Candy Apple Fuzz
Bearfoot FX Candy Apple Fuzz

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Bearfoot FX Candy Apple Fuzz

Bearfoot FX stellt hochwertige Boutique Effect Pedale her, die allesamt von Björn Juhl persönlich designed wurden. Das Motto dieser Effectschmiede lautet “Better than Amp-Like!”

Fuzz – sounds like the plural of fun to me! ; ]

So if you wanted to gather all of the fun, fuzzy sounds from the ’60s and ’70s and divide them into two pedals that would cover most of those sounds, you would have the Candy Apple and Pink Purple Fuzzes.

The BearfootFX Candy Apple Fuzz is a versatile germanium-hybrid fuzz—one of Bjorn’s original BJFe designs. The CAF has an obscene amount of gnarly fuzz on tap and a few tricks up its sleeve. The Nature knob has a host of options that you have to explore to figure out—with the knob at noon, you unlock an octave effect, at other spots on the dial, you’ll find a gated effect. As with most of Bjorn’s designs, this fuzz pedal is shockingly quiet.

Bearfoot FX is the brainchild of Bjorn Juhl of BJF Design and Donner Rusk of Donnerbox. Every pedal is handpainted and no two are exactly alike. The pedals now ship with a plain, unpainted bottom plate to help ensure the most secure contact with adhesive Velcro for use on pedalboards. Bearfoot FX pedals are handmade in St. Louis, Missouri, USA.

BearfootFX Candy Apple Fuzz Features:

    • Volume, Fuzz, Treble, Nature controls
    • 9v power jack (8-18v range)
    • Unpainted bottom plate (to help create secure contact with adhesive Velcro/pedalboard)
    • Handmade in the USA

BJFe/BearFoot have built a reputation for building the most “amp-like” guitar effects around. Our pedals not only sound, but feel and perform like the amp features they emulate: the early Tweed/Blonde/Plexi response of the Sparkling Yellows, the warm, tube-like equalization of the SBEQ, or the perfect emulation of amp/speaker compression from the Pale Green Comp. BearFoot FX pedals reproduce the sounds of your favorite recorded amps and they do it at any volume through any clean amp. Yes, you can stomp through your collection of the most musical amp tones ever made and even the best compression, EQ and modulation in exactly the amounts you need to sound like…YOU! That’s better than amp-like.

All BearFoot products are designed by Bjorn Juhl
& handmade by Donnerbox in St. Louis, Missouri USA.

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