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CKK Electronics Omni Boost MK 3
CKK Electronics Omni Boost MK 3 - Dual Boost / Buffer

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Mit dem Omni Boost beweist CKK einmal mehr, dass sich Weiterdenken lohnt. Die Umschaltmöglichkeit zwischen der Nutzung als Buffer oder als Boost Pedal ist genauso einfach wie genial

Omni Boost is composed of two completely separate boost modules. One of the modules is pure Clean Boost with buffer, it is used in the end of the entire effect chain. After the signal through this Clean Boost module, it can get a full band promotion, the maximum frequency of promotion can be achieved 20 dB. When you turn off the CLEAN BOOST knob to minimum, the rear buffer effect can compensate for the loss of signal caused by too long cables. The buffer circuit is in the Clean Boost module, so a full range of buffer circuit protection is available in the range of 0dB to 20dB. In relative terms, pure Clean Boost is comparatively rare, in the meantime, what the guitarist needed most is the promotion effect with full band and no decay. Another module is Fat Boost for increasing the mid frequency. When it is used after effect pedals like distortion, overdrive, it can increase the particles sense of tone. Especially for some High-Gain distortion, the mid frequency is cutted off a lot to improving the touch sensitivity and heavy sense of tone, and those mid frequency may not be compensated by adjusting the tone of itself, when playing high position solo, the tone of this case will be dry, at this time, you need the Fat Boost of Omni Boost to solve this puzzle.


- Controls for Fat Gain and Clean Gain
- Switch for Fat / Clean
- metal case
- True Bypass
- 9v DC or Battery Operation

Sinvertek Electronics was founded in 2008 and offers high performance to price ratio boutique pedals. The product line covers almost all commonly used classic effects. By focus on combining the tone and practically, all the pedals of CKK Electronics are real high quality that can be used on stage and any occasion.
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