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So, ohne weitere Worte der Originaltext zu diesen legendären Pedalen.
Wer noch was auf die Ohren möchte, kann dies z.B. auf dem Album
"Peace Machine" von Philip Sayce nachholen,
Philip spielt dieses Pedal  auch live.

The Tremodillo is the world's biggest little tremolo box!
All units are now powder coated instead of painted, which is stronger
and looks better. Also the inside is coated so it will not corrode.
* Product color may vary from what is pictured above.
A solid state battery powered tremolo unit in the same small box
as the Texas Square Face.

The Diaz Tremodillo is the closest thing you?ll find to a classic
Fender tremolo in a box. Rate and Dwell knobs take care of the
traditional speed and depth functions while two stomp switches
provide on/off and normal/half speed choices. The Diaz also
includes a LED status that pulses in time with the tremolo?s rate.
It?s a very cool addition that certainly helps in dialing up the perfect
tempo. With most pedals you can expect to spend some twiddling
to find that elusive sweet spot. That is not the case with the Tremodillo,
as every conceivable setting sounded great to our ears.
The Tremodillo is warm, expansive and oozing with that definable
Blackface sound of the sixties. Despite the lack of true bypass, we
never noticed any toneloss. In fact we noticed that this thing actually
seemed to mysteriously enhance our tone just by being in the signal chain.

- Rate control : speed of tremolo
- Dwell control : depth of tremolo
- Speed stomp switch : doubles or halfs the tremolo rate
- On/Off switch : Turns the effect on and off
- Power jack : Boss style power jack included
- Indicator light : Flashes in sync with the tremolo pulse!

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