Durham Electronics - Crazy Horse - Fuzz Distortion Pedal

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Boutique Pedal Made in USA!

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Crazy Horse

Boutique Sound Made in USA!

Leute..!!! Was haben The Edge (U2), Keith Richards, Ronny Wood, Charlie Sexton (Bob Dylan, Arc Angels), Joe Walsh (Eagles), John Foggerty (CCR), Bily Corgan (Smashing Pumkins) usw. gemeinsam? RICHTIG!! - Sie spielen Pedals von Durham Electronics.
Durham Electronics ist ein kleiner, aber sehr sehr feiner Hersteller aus Texas, USA. Durham bedient absolute Cracks und dabei ausnahmslos Leute, die für alles mögliche bekannt sind, aber am meisten für Ihren guten Sound! 

Das Crazy Horse ist wahrscheinlich das vielseitigste Distortion/Fuzz-Pedal, das es derzeit gibt. Die Inspirition für dieses Pedal ist unschwer an den alten, mächtigen Earth-Shaker-Sounds von Neil Young entstanden. Wer Songs wie Hey Hey My Mind (Into the Black), Like a Hurricane etc. kennen, wissen was gemeint ist.


  • Totally hand built/wired
  • Teflon wire throughout
  • Switch Craft jacks
  • Alpha full size potentiometers
  • Brightest Blue LED in the business
  • Uses standard negative tip 9V DC supply (not included) drawing 18mA
  • 2 year warranty
  • True Bypass

Durham Electronics Crazy Horse Fuzz / Overdrive Pedal

The Durham Electronics Crazy Horse Fuzz pedal, while inspired by a classic tone, the Crazy Horse is very versatile pedal with a ton of different tones available.  The Crazy Horse features Fuzz and Drive controls to mix up fuzz and overdrive as well as a Volts knob that allows you to ?starve? the voltage and imitate the sagging tone of an old tube amp.

Durham Crazy Horse Fuzz / Overdrive Tone

The Durham Electronics Crazy Horse Fuzz pedal gives you a classic Neil Young tone as well as more modern overdrive options.  The Tone control is very interactive without getting messy at the extremes.  The Overdrive is tight and controlled while the Fuzz is squishy and funky?the fun part comes when the two are blended together.  The Overdrive is actually driving the Fuzz circuit and the tones are legendary.  The Volts knob allows you to add sag to the Crazy Horse and also allows you to get that crunchy, gated sound for some freaky fun.  If you?re looking for some classic fuzz and overdrive with a touch of the modern, check out the Durham Electronics Crazy Horse Fuzz pedal.

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Frage zum Produkt