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G LAB GSC-4 Switcher Looper

Artikelnummer: 49044019

G LAB GSC-4 Switcher Looper

Kategorie: G LAB

466,77 €

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G LAB GSC-4 Switcher Looper


G LAB GSC-4  Switcher Looper
Guitar System Controller

Die ultimative Schaltzentrale für den cleveren Gitarristen!

programmierbarer Fußkontroller
Midi Kontroller, logisch aufgebaut und sehr einfach zu bedienen
LCD-backlit Displays
125 Bank/Songs
10 MFS footswitches (Multi Function Switch)
Anschlüsse: MIDI INPUTS, TAP TEMPO, "Link" Eingang für optional erhältliches "Wah Pad", sowie optional 2x 4 SEPARATED 9V POWER BOX PB-2 und optionalen 6x LOOP EXTENSION (6LE)
Maße (TxBxH): 500 x 140 x 650 mm
Gewicht: 1,9 kg
inkl. MPM Power Supply


The programmable footcontroller with one move allows to:

·         switch effects connected to the GSC-4 loops,

·         set channel and other amp functions thru the amps? Footswitch input,

·         send MIDI commands.

Graphic LCD TFT display 4,3? with sharp, high quality image with bank and preset
names, two sections 2x500mA with 9V DC outs for powering stompboxes, controlling
simultaneously 10 midi devices with PC and CC commands, expression pedal input.
It makes GSC-4 very helpful on the stage and in the studio as well.

Basic features:

·         graphic LCD TFT display 4,3? with sharp, high quality image

·         1000x preset (100 banks with 10 presets each)

·         expression pedal input

·         6x loop for effect switching

·         6x relay for amp switching (3 isolated stereo outs)

·         6x 9V DC output for powering stompboxes (two sections 2x500mA)

·         switchable high impedance input buffer (identical with a tube amp
characteristics) at any preset

·         dedicated TUNER output with the silent tuning function which receives
the signal through very high impedance circuit (no influence on a guitar signal)

·         LOOP SPLIT mode enabling the connection of two stompboxes at the front
and three in the amp fx loop without hums caused by ground loops

·         phantom power mode for powering the GSC-4 thru midi out connector

·         midi out and midi in connectors for controlling 10 midi devices
independently on different midi channel

·         adjusting 20 different Midi Control Change numbers for each midi
device (10 devices)

·         12x footswitch (10x multifunction + 2x bank(preset) UP/DOWN)

·         footswitch modyficator function allows to set the footswitch as:
ON/OFF effect or switch amp channel or call the preset on the particular MIDI

·         the input for connecting a Wah-Pad WP and Whammy-Pad WP-2,

·         USB connectors for connecting the keyboard and the computer

·         intuitive navigation keyboard for direct quick setting

·         durable, powder-coated casing

·         Dimensions (width x depth x height): 50cm x 14cm x 6,5cm / 19.7? x
5.5? x 2.6?

·         Weight: 1,9 kg / 4,2 lbs

·         Power consumption without 9V outs loading: 24V DC 240mA

2. Front effects in the pedalboard and FX LOOP effects next to the amp (e.g. in the rack cases)


3. All effects next to the amp (e.g. in the rack cases)

The controller features the user friendly interface based on displaying the programmed names of the banks/songs, presets, stompboxes, amp functions etc. Supplied with the device an external keyboard facilitates the programming of the controller and features the direct access buttons to frequently used functions.

The innovative design of the controller enables to place the 6LE and the PB-2 modules ?inside? the controller. The localization of the connectors inside the controller assures comfortable connecting, eliminates the risk of the connectors damages and enables the trim arrangement of the cables.

The MPM-1 power supply module contains the MIDI (OUT and IN) connectors, the SWITCH OUTs for amp controlling, the EXT OUT and the 12V OUT for extension modules. The MPM-1 is connected with the foot controller only by a single cable what greatly reduces the ?cable spaghetti? on the stage.

Thanks to the possibility of connecting up to three 6LE effects loop extension modules it is possible to control (by adding to the signal path or TRUE BYPASS) up to eighteen guitar effects. For supplying the effects it is possible to use the PB-2 power supply modules (2 x 4 separated sections 9V DC with total capacity of 1A). The MPM-1 module features six SWITCH OUTPUTS in two sections for controlling one or more amps. The functionality of the controller enables to program the footswitches also to realize a single amp function.

The controller features 125 banks/songs lists with the possibility to program bank/song names and the memory of 10 MFS (Multi Function Switch) footswitches functions.

By pressing just a single MFS footswitch (by recalling the preset) controller enables to:

1. add to the signal path the chosen effects (stompboxes) connected to the 6LE modules
2. choose the channel and other amp functions using the SWITCH OUTs
3. recall the presets in the MIDI devices using the PROGRAM CHANE command and/or choose the settings of the MIDI devices using the CONTROL CHANGE commands.

The MFS footswitches could also serve only to realize one of three mentioned above functions to ?modify? the sound, e.g. recall the amp settings or recall the preset in the MIDI controlled DSP processor.

The MFS footswitch can also work as an on/off switcher of chosen stompbox (single loop in the 6LE module) or chosen amp function (e.g. switching on/off the reverb), likewise the MFS can switch on/off the single function in the processor controlled via MIDI (by sending CTRL CHANGE commands)

The MFS switches can be used for incrementing or decrementing (by defined value) the chosen parameter in the MIDI device by CTRL CHANGE command. What is important that other switches can set the given value of the parameter. Controller features also the function of sending the TAP TEMPO, the ?muting? while tuning (by CTRL CH or PROG CHANGE) and the function of displaying the tuner data received from the external MIDI device

For easy using during the concert the controller enables to program three concert lists where the banks/songs could be set according to the order of the songs played on the show. Another possibility is to control the GSC-5 by the MIDI inputs, e.g. recalling one by one bank/songs by the computer

Controller features an innovative banks/songs mode ? the BIG BANK mode - in which pressing one of the MFS footswitches from the lower rank results in changing the functions of the MFS footswitches from the upper rank. This solution multiplies the number of available presets and functions modifying the sound without the necessity of changing the bank/song.

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