Hayden High5 Combo

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Hayden High5 Combo 5 Watt Single Channel Valve Guitar Combo UK handwired

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For those who want to spend more time playing and less time tweaking controls trying to find a tone the Hayden High Five is a five watt all valve guitar combo rich in tone and response that harks back to simpler times with just bass, treble and a volume control delivered via a single 10" speaker in a beautiful retro styled cabinet.
Perfect for home and recording use the High Five is the ideal companion for those who crave valve tone at manageable volume.

The Hayden High 5 Valve Guitar Amp Combo is a no nonsense 5 Watt All Valve Guitar Amp Combo, featuring a 10 Inch speaker and simple 2-EQ Bass, Middle and Volume control set up, all in a retro style cabinet design.

The Hayden High 5 Valve Guitar Amp Combo makes its grand debut at Musik Messe 2012 and allows players on a restricted budget to experience Hayden?s all-valve tone.

The Hayden High 5 combo is the perfect solution for players who simply want to get down to business, without having the fuss of tweaking controls. The High-Five?s simple and effective control set up provides rich tone and great response from when you strum your first chord.

The main features of the Hayden High 5 Valve Guitar Amp Combo include:

  • Valve Combo
  • 5-Watt
  • 10? Speaker
  • Retro Style Cabinet Design

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Frage zum Produkt