IbanezTSA5-TVR 5 Watt Vollröhre

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the Tubescreamer Amp

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Ibanez TSA5TVR: Features

  • Output: 5 Watt
  • Vorstufe: 12AX7
  • Endstufe: 6V6GT
  • Lautsprecher : Jensen C8R Ibanez special
  • Regler für 2-Band-EQ, Mater Volume und Reverb
  • Tube Screamer: Schalter bzw. Regler für an/aus, Overdrive, Tone & Level
  • Anschlüsse: Input, Fußschalter, Lautsprecher (8 O), Kopfhörer, Line-Ausgang
  • Halboffenes Gehäuse
  • Maße: 335 × 210 × 430 mm
  • Gewicht: 8,3 kg

Ibanez TSA5TVR

Retro Style Meets Tube Screamer Tone!

Holy retro amps! When your pals see the Ibanez TSA5TVR they'll wonder where you got that cool, long lost vintage amp. The Ibanez TSA5TVR combo guitar amplifier combines the genuine sound of an all-tube guitar amp with the classic sound of a TS9 Tube Screamer distortion circuit. The result: a super-portable 5-watt tube combo amp that gives you absolutely incredible overdrive tone. Plug in, fire it up, and prepare to blown away! Five watts may not sound impressive, but the TSA5TVR's tone it absolutely HUGE! It's the perfect amp for recording or playing smaller gigs, where a full-sized monster amp would pummel your audience into the fetal position. (If that's what you're going for, you might want to check out the TSA5TVR's big brothers, the TSA15 and the TSA30). What's more, the TSA5TVR features a genuine 8" Jensen C8R speaker, so even without the Tube Screamer circuit engaged, you've got yourself a truly classic-sounding tube amp. Get your cool, retro-looking Ibanez TSA5TVR tube combo amp from GearNuts.com today!

Ibanez TSA5TVR Tube Screamer Series Combo Guitar Amplifier Features at a Glance:
  • Retro-vibed all-tube 1 x 8" combo guitar amplifier with classic Tube Screamer tone onboard
  • Small and portable 5-watt tube guitar amplifier that gives you large tube-amp sound at reasonable levels
  • A great combo guitar amplifier for recording, rehearsing, and playing smaller venues
  • The combination of a 12AX7-driven preamp and a 6V6-driven power amp sounds amazing
  • A genuine 8" Jensen speaker puts the finishing touch on this amp's classic tube-amp tone
  • Optional IFS2G footswitch (not included) lets you toggle the Tube Screamer circuit

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