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JHS Pedals JHS Pedals Little Black Buffer

Artikelnummer: 44901885

JHS Pedals JHS Pedals Little Black Buffer

Kategorie: JHS Pedals

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JHS Little Black Buffer

The JHS Little Black Buffer is a wonderful tone-saving device that will keep all the sparkle and dynamics of your guitar intact through the longest cable runs and biggest pedalboards. Let's face it, true bypass is wonderful but when you add a pedal, you add cable length and when you add cable length you lose tone. By utilizing a high input impedance in the JHS Little Black Buffer, the pickups in your guitar don't need to use a lot of current to produce their natural tone. The Little Black Buffer keeps the full natural bandwidth of your guitar intact through the longest cable runs and allows for the natural dynamics of your signal to shine through in any situation.

JHS Little Black Buffer Features:

  • High Input Impedance
  • Low Noise Buffering
  • Small, Space-Saving Enclosure
  • Standard -9vdc Operation (no batteries)

This may be the greatest weapon you didn?t know you needed.

For those of us who are a little ?pedal happy? there can be some downfall to our tone. When running a pedal board with more than one or two effects, something called ?capacitance? happens. This natural problem happens due to the amount of cable or line that you signal has to travel through, not to mention bad switching systems in certain pedals. The result is a very audible amount of high-end loss, weak signal, flabby bass and uncharacteristic pickup behavior in guitars. Another problem is the assumption that all ?true bypass? is good. This isn?t true and actually can be worse than imagined.

This is were the ?Little Black Buffer? steps in providing the perfect input impedance to your rig and giving you the final result of clear, natural tone that sounds like you're plugged straight into your amp no matter how many pedals you use.

Plug your guitar straight into the input then out into your pedal chain. No need for a switch.  It runs on any standard 9v supply.

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