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JHS Pedals Mini-Foot Fuzz
JHS Pedals Mini-Foot Fuzz

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JHS Mini-Foot Fuzz

The JHS Mini-Foot Fuzz is a tiny silicon fuzz pedal whose size belies the massive power of its tone. Thick and juicy, raw and uncut, ruthless and simple; these are just some of the descriptors that can be used to describe the JHS Mini-Foot Fuzz tone. The fuzz is rich and harmonic-laden with a raw, starved edge to it that is a perfect blend of classic and modern tone. With a wide range of saturation, the JHS Mini-Foot Fuzz can provide edgy rhythm all the way to fully fuzzed out mayhem with long sustain times. Turn single-coils into screaming banshees and humbuckers into furious, barking demons that will cut, bite, and slash their way through any mix into any guitarist 's heart.

JHS Mini-Foot Fuzz Features:

  • True Bypass
  • Silicon-Based Fuzz
  • Standard -9vdc Operation

Small, ruthless and simple. 1” x 3” of pure classic fuzz that can melt even the most anti-fuzz activists heart. We believe this is one of the most shocking pedals you will ever play. Rich harmonics, massive headroom and thick fuzz/overdrive that may cause you to wonder, “What if I had had this pedal years ago? Would I be famous...?”

Mini Foot...Big Fuzz.

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