JHS Pedals Warble Tron - Univibe Vibrato

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JHS Pedals Warble Tron - Univibe Vibrato

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JHS Warble-Tron

Based on that classic UniVibe tone, the JHS Warble-Tron not only delivers gorgeous warbly tone but will also yield watery chorus effects all with a sound that will impress even the most discerning vibe enthusiasts. The JHS Warble-Tron features an oversized speed knob that allows for control over the rate of the effect with your foot for live use. There is also a switch to change between vibe and chorus modes for either one of these classic effects. The JHS Warble-Tron will always let you know the speed it 's moving at thanks to a timed Speed LED that blinks in time with the pedal 's setting while the Volume control makes sure you never get lost in the mix. The JHS Warble-Tron is a versatile, well-built vibe effect that will hearken back to the Star Spangled Banner days of rock n roll glory.

JHS Warble-Tron Features:

  • True Bypass
  • Large Speed Knob for Foot Control of Rate
  • Chorus/Vibe Switch
  • Rate LED
  • Standard -9vdc Operation (no batteries)

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