Jam Pedals - TUBE DREAMER 88 - vintage overdrive

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Handmade in Greece, analog, point-to-point pedals, made from the highest available (or not) quality materials on the market, rare NOS chips, specially selected matched NOS transistors and carbon comp resistors!

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Jam Pedals - TUBE DREAMER 88 - vintage overdrive



vintage overdrive

Handverdrahtete Effekte auf Basis bekannter Klassiker, die den Sound der 60er und 70er reproduzieren – das ist die Philosophie bei JAM. Verwendet werden unter anderem „Tropical Fish“ Kondensatoren, „Carbon Comp“ Widerstände und Gold Mullard OC44“ Germanium Transistoren. Das Ergebnis spricht für sich. Wer nach dem Sound von Legenden wie Pete Townsend, Eric Clapton, Mark Knopfler, Skunk Baxter, Jimi Hendrix oder Andy Summers sucht, wird bei JAM fündig. Unsere Standing Ovations gehen an die individuelle Gestaltung der einzelnen Pedale – unbedingt ausprobieren!


  • 3 verschiedene Overdrive
  • mit Regler für Volume-Tone-Gain
  • True Bypass
  • Batterie 9V oder Netzteilbetrieb 9V DC (beides nicht im Lieferumfang dabei)
  • jedes Pedal ist handbemalt und  ein Unikat, Designabweichungen möglich

Vintage Overdrive based on the legendary original Tubescreamer 808. The legendary sound that shaped a generation !

Made from the best materials in the market and with carbon comp resistors for true vintage sound !

TubeDreamer offers much more clarity than a typical overdrive. You can actually hear the individual notes of complex chords that would normally be buried !


Comes in 4 versions :

  • TubeDreamer 58 : The classic Tubescreamer sound using the JRC4558 chip like the original Tubescreamers.

  • TubeDreamer 72 : Our most transparent overdrive, made for those that need to have the sound of their cranked tube amp, at a lower volume. Our "secret" chip offers a unique tone, less gain than the TD58 and without the added midrange of a classic tubescreamer.
  • TubeDreamer+ : TubeDreamer72 + a High Gain switch. Made for those that need more drive than a typical overdrive. With an extra switch you can boost your TubeDreamer and achieve a sweet-fat vintage distortion sound !
  • TubeDreamer 88: consists of TubeDreamer72 + TubeDreamer58 + a High Gain switch for the TD58. Made for those that need more than one different overdrive settings. You can have the 3 different sounds of the 3 TubeDreamers (TD58 + TD72 + TDHG (toggle switch) ) as well as the combinations of TD72+TD58 and TD72+TDHG.



All of our pedals are true-bypass, made not to affect your hard-earned tone.
Circuits are based on classic 60's and 70's vintage pedals that helped built the sound of Rock ‘n' Roll, most times with an added twist!

They burst with attitude as ALL of our stompboxes are hand-painted and decorated, from our in-shop-artists, and no two are alike !

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Frage zum Produkt