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Jetter Gear GS 103 - low gain OD
Jetter Gear GS 103 - low gain OD

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Low bis MId Gain Sounds sind die Spezialität des GS103. Dynamik pur in Verbindung mit absolut hochwertiger Verarbeitung - nix für Friggler, hier hört man jede Nuance!

The GS103 is the culmination of a design quest to develop the most open and dynamic pedal of the Jetter Gear offerings. Truly an extension of the guitar and player, it maintains all the nuance and technique unique to every guitarist. This is a a pedal that disappears between the guitar and amp.

At low to mid-gain settings, it is reminiscent of a particular, near mythic amp. To quote one of our friends at Carter Vintage Guitars in Nashville upon playing with the GS 103, “I really like the GS103 you sent. It's has a very dynamic full open sound very similar to the Steel String Singer we recently sold.” As the gain is increased past the 12 o’clock position, there is a seamless transition to an overdrive sound and feel that captures another iconic amp, this one being British and known for it’s big, bold but clear and defined sound.

The GS103 works best in front of a cleanish amp with headroom to capture all its dynamic performance. It gives up the goods with both humbucking and single coil guitars and has particularly outstanding performance with a Tele style guitar at low to moderate gain settings.

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