Der Jetter Indigo Fuzz liefert den reichen Klang der klassischen Germanium Transistoren ohne die temperaturempfindlichen Performance Probleme, die oft in Germanium basierenden Fuzz Pedalen vorkommen. Vielseitiges Fuzz Pedal, von süßlichen bis bleischweren Sounds ist hier alles zu finden.

Wie bei allen Jetter Effektgeräten wird der Indigo Fuzz in den USA hergestellt und gebaut, mit den besten Komponenten und feinster Handwerkskunst in einem Druckguss-Gehäuse, professionell pulverbeschichtet. True-Bypass-Schaltung, arbeitet mit einem Standard-Zentrum negativen 9 Volt Netzteil oder Batterie.

The Jetter Indigo Fuzz delivers all of the rich tone of classic germanium without the temperature-sensitive performance problems you typically find in germanium based fuzz pedals. Reliable and versatile, the Indigo Fuzz lets you dial in just the right amount of gain to sweeten your sound while keeping a tight, focused bottom end that lets you voice any chord with clarity, adding a distinct character to your music whether you’re playing lead, rhythm or both.

As with all Jetter effects pedals, the Indigo Fuzz is made in the USA, and built to last with the best components and the finest craftsmanship in a die-cast enclosure and a professionally powder coated finish, and is hard wired for true bypass switching. Works with a standard center negative 9 Volt power supply or battery.

Jetter Indigo Fuzz Features:

    • Volume, Fuzz and Tone Controls
    • 4.375” (11.11 cm) x 2.375” (6.032 cm) x 1.875” (4.762 cm)
    • Made in the USA
    • True Bypass
    • Standard 9v DC or Battery Operation

The Indigo Fuzz was the result of simply wanting to create a fuzz that has the tonal qualities of a great germanium based fuzz without the inherent problems that occur with germanium based fuzzes. Those problems include; inconsistent performance because of temperature stability; deterioration over time because of the nature of germanium; PNP design making the use of a power supply problematic, and, possibly the most important fact: there simply aren’t many quality NOS germanium transistors left!

The Indigo has great tonal depth with a moderate amount of gain that does not mush out or get uncontrollable. It stays tight allowing chord detail to ring out true. The Indigo fuzz broadens the useful envelope of what a fuzz can do and adds a distinct character to rhythm and lead work.

The Indigo offers two voicings at the flip of a switch. In the up position, the Indigo is a bit loose and is softer around the edges.In the down position, the Indigo provides a more compressed sustain and tighter response.