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Keeley 30ms Automatic Double Tracker
Keeley 30ms Automatic Double Tracker Pedal

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Keeley 30ms Automatic Double Tracker Pedal

  • Effekt-Typ: Delay
  • Bauart: Digital
  • Mono/Stereo: Mono In, Stereo Out
  • Regler: Tuning, Time, Reverb, Level
  • Modes: 3 Modes
  • Schalter: Dimension, Abbey Mode, Slapback
  • Bypass Modus: True Bypass
  • Stromversorgung: 9VDC, Center negative
  • Stromverbrauch: 65 mA
  • Batteriebetrieb: nicht möglich
  • Gehäuseformat: Standard
  • Abmessungen BxHxT (cm): 6,2 x 3,3 x 11,4 B/H/T
  • Produktionsland: Made in USA

Doubled Guitar Tones for the Stage and Studio

Automatic double-tracking is responsible for the full guitar tones on records from the Beatles to the Killers. The Keeley 30ms Double Tracker guitar pedal makes it easier than ever to get a stereo guitar track from a single take, saving you time in the studio and fattening your tones for the stage - great for bands with only one guitarist and solo acoustic musicians. The 30ms Double Tracker lets you fine-tune delay and pitch modulation for a convincing double-tracked sound; and an onboard Abbey Road-inspired vintage reverb with shimmery chorus and slapback delay will expand your tonal options no matter what your placement is.

Three modes for automatic doubling, stereo delay, and stereo chorus with reverb

With three modes to choose from, the Keeley 30ms Double Tracker guitar pedal delivers a lot of bang for the buck. Players who buy the pedal for its automatic double-tracking will be pleased to find it also delivers a host of useful effects: Abbey in Stereo Tracker Pro Mode gives you 30 cents of adjustable pitch and 30ms of delay for subtle and convincing stereo doubles; Dimension is a musical stereo chorus with adjustable modulation to texture your chords; and Slapback is a fun way to give your leads and rhythms some depth. Each of these can be sweetened when used in mono mode with a vintage reverb styled after Abbey Road's Studio Two. Sweetwater guitarists and musicians around the world buy Robert Keeley pedals and mod kits for their inspired tones and durability, and the 30ms Double Tracker is a great addition to its line of manufactured pedals.

Robert Keeley 30ms Double Tracker Guitar Pedal Features:
  • Fine-tune pitch and delay for convincing stereo doubles from a single take
  • Saves time in the studio
  • Enhances your live tone
  • Vintage-styled Abbey Road Studio Two reverb adds lush texture (mono only)
  • Stereo slapback delay is great for rockabilly and soloing
  • Stereo chorus for shimmery chords and psychedelic leads
  • New textures for keyboards, bass, drums, and vocals!
  • Mono output for traditional guitar amps
  • Stereo outputs (requires TRS cable) for studio double-tracking and feeding stereo amps
  • Requires a 9V DC power supply (not included)
  • Low 65mA power draw

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Frage zum Artikel

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