Keeley Katana Blues Drive

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Keeley Katana Blues Drive

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Keeley Katana Blues Drive

  • Effekt-Typ: Overdrive
  • Bauart: Analog
  • Mono/Stereo: Mono In, Mono Out
  • Regler: Gain, Volume, Bass, Treble
  • Bypass Modus: True Bypass
  • Stromversorgung: 9VDC, Center negative
  • Stromverbrauch: k. A.
  • Batteriebetrieb: Batteriebetrieb möglich
  • Batterie-Typ: 9V Block
  • Gehäuseformat: Standard
  • Abmessungen BxHxT (cm): 6 x 11,2 B/T
  • Produktionsland: Made in USA

Clear, Responsive, and Versatile Drive Pedal

The Keeley Katana Blues Drive guitar effects pedal delivers classic blues overdrive and active controls that let you personalize your drive tone. The Katana Blues Drive allows your guitar's voice to shine through warm tube-like saturation with total tonal clarity. The active EQ controls let you boost or cut your highs and lows to dial in anything from classic crunch to crystal clean boosts. The guitar players here at Sweetwater swear by pedals with great analog circuits for pristine tone with clarity and responsiveness, and the Keeley Katana Blues Drive gives you all that and more.

Keeley Katana Blues Drive Guitar Effects Pedal Features:
  • Classic blues overdrive with tube-like tone and response
  • Stompbox fits easily on your existing pedal board
  • Active bass and treble controls allow you to personalize your tones
  • Versatile - roll back the drive control for a great-sounding clean boost

Classic tube-driven overdrive tones with the Keeley Katana Blues Drive!

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