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Ein doppelter Dual Blade Pickup, enthält tatsächlich vier Spulen in einem Humbucker! Ja, richtig - ZWEI Rail Humbucker Pickups auf einer Plate! Dieser Pickup ist einer der lautesten Humbucker, die derzeit verfügbar sind, aber seine wirkliche Stärke liegt in seiner unglaublichen Vielfalt von Verkabelungen. 2 X 4 Adern. Der Motherbucker in der Cool-Version ist für die Verwendung in der Hals-Position zusammen mit dem Motherbucker in der Steg-Position als Set ideal.

Obwohl der Motherbucker einer der vielseitigsten und tödlichsten Pickups aktuell ist, verliert er nie Definition und die klare Auflösung der Akkorde, der Sound wird trotzdem clean beim zurücknehmen des Volumereglers. Wir empfehlen die Verwendung eines WD 1000 (1 meg ohm) Volume-Poti in dieser Verbindung.

  • CERAMIC / D.C. resistance = 27.5K
  • Magnet dimensions in millimeters: 57 long X 5 thick X 7 wide.
  • 2 Humbuckers in the bridge position
  • either of the 2 available humbuckers
  • coil tap on each of them, providing a choice of 4 single coil pickups
  • use one as humbuckerand the other as a single coil (swap them about)

A special design doubled dual blade pickup that actually contains four coils in one humbucker! You heard it right... two rail pickups on one humbucker plate. Wired to full capacity, this pickup is one of the loudest humbuckers available today, but it's real strength lies in its incredible variety of wiring configurations. 2 X 4 core leads. Use in the neck position with a WDMB at the bridge for a well balanced set. As with the WDMB "Motherbucker", the Cool version's strength lies in its incredible variety of wiring configurations.

Although this is Kent Armstrong's most versatile and lethal pickup to date, it never loses definition and note separation. Cleans up by rolling down the volume control. We recommend using a WD 1000 (1 meg ohm) volume pot.

We don’t know of any other humbucker that can effectively sound like a strat pickup, a PAF humbucker, a medium output humbucker, and a high gain metal monster all in one.

*Special weapons permit may be required check your local and state laws!

  Kent Armstrong has been designing and building pickups for over thirty years. In that time he has hand made or modified pickups for many of the music world's greatest stars, including Pete Townshend, Jimmy Page, Brian May, Rory Gallagher, and Jimi Hendrix. Some of his commercial clients have included D'Angelico Guitars, Eastman Strings, First Act, U.S. Masters, Conklin, Benavente, Celinder, Eshenbaugh, and Sadowsky (Guitars).

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