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Krozz Devices Hammerhead Compressor Pedal
Krozz Devices Hammerhead Compressor Pedal

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Hammehead is a Compressor/Clean Boost/Tone Shaper, a versatile pedal capable of adapting to the high pressures of the seas of music to generate beautiful timbres and perform powerful attacks!

Featuring a VCA (Voltage Controlled Amplifier) compression system, Hammerhead lets you replicate the classic tones of the DynaComp/Ross Compressor, as well as creating new textures with its additional controls. With Blend it is possible to mix the clean sound of your instrument with the compression generated by our hammerhead shark, or even transform your pedal into a beautiful Clean Boost, since the pedal has an active circuit for this control. The Filter and Voice parameters provide a wide range of equalizations for the pedal, allowing its use as a Tone Shaper and making it pleasant for both lovers of “pop” sounds and those hungry for “greasy” sounds.


• Pressure: This control determines the level of pedal compression. The higher the knob, the greater the compression caused on the signal;

• Attack: Adjusts the speed at which the effect will act on your notes. Clockwise the response time is longer, being more ideal for rhythmic grips. Counter-clockwise, there is a more immediate compression, being a more suitable configuration for leads.

• Blend: Allows you to blend the clean sound of your instrument with the signal compressed by the pedal. With this parameter fully closed (counter-clockwise), only the compressed signal will pass. When the control is fully open (clockwise), it will make your pedal act as a Clean Boost, without any compression effect, suffering only the action of the Volume. In the middle, the effect and clean sound are in a 50/50 ratio.

• Filter: This control is a frequency filter that acts on the signal before it enters the compression system. At lower settings, we have less treble frequencies and more “closed” sound, while clowise we have more treblish sounds.

• Voice (Switch): It is also a frequency filter, but it acts within the compression system.

            - UP: “Normal” mode, sound more similar to the original signal;

            - MID: “Bright” mode, sharper sound;

            - LOW: “Dark” mode, jazzy sound;

• Level: Controls the pedal output volume. By means of this knob it is possible to compensate for the signal differences caused by any change in the other controls.

• Clipping (Trimpot): In addition to all the parameters that the pedal offers, our Hammerhead has a “hidden” adjustment inside, the Clipping. This control works by limiting the amount of signal that will enter the compression system, allowing you to use your pedal with high-output instruments without distortion, such as active pickup guitars and basses, keyboards, etc. Keep it fully clockwise for guitars with conventional pickups. For high-output instruments, adjust it until there is no distortion from the compressor.

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