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Artikelnummer: 18599263

EAN: 0717009491196


Kategorie: Lindy Fralin

309,00 €

inkl. 19% USt. , versandfreie Lieferung

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Blues Special

Eine Reproduktion eines mid - 60er Strat Tonabnehmers. Die Blues Special haben mehr mitten und weniger höhen als ein Vintage Hot '61 Tonabnehmer.
Sie können wahlweise mit 42 gauge Plain enamel Draht (Lindy beschreibt den Sound dann als "bright and loud sound" der Tonabnehmer wird ca. 5 % überwickelt)) oder aber mit 42 gauge Polynylon Draht (ergibt eine dunkleren, solidere Tonfärbung, der Tonabnehmer wird ca. 10 % überwickelt) gewickelt werden.
Neck : 6,2 K
Reverse Middle : 6,4 k
Bridge : 7,5 K


Fralin Blues Special Single Coil Pickup

Our second best selling set!
This set is wound with 42 SPN and has 5% more turns than the Vintage Hot. This makes it a 5% stronger pickup. It will have 5% more mids and 5% less high end. It is ideal for a stock sound with just enough thickness for single note soloing. On request we will make 2% or 7% instead of the normal 5% overwind.

    Approximate Ohm Readings:
  • Neck - 6.2 K
  • Reverse Middle - 6.2 K
  • Bridge - 7.2 K

Ask yourself the following three questions:

1. What do you want from the pickup?
2. Is your guitar bright or dark sounding? Thin or full?
3. Is your amplifier bright or dark sounding? Thin or full?

The guitar woods, the amp, string gauge and their height are all of equal importance to the final sound of the pickup. We can only tell you what our pickups will sound like in the average guitar...not what they will sound like in your particular combination.

Pickups of all kinds will be stronger but darker with more turns of wire. Fewer turns will result in a more open, cleaner, and brighter pickup.

5% (+) Overwind = 5% More Power, 5% More Mids, but 5% Less Highs
5% ( - ) Underwind = 5% Less Power, 5% Less Mids, but 5% More Highs

Make your best decision knowing that if you don't love the tone I will exchange them. Once you have heard our pickups in your guitar we have a useful frame of reference about your particular instrument, amplifier and taste. All of our pickup pages indicate the best seller of each model and what it would sound like in the average guitar. This may be a lot of reading but will be well worth the effort when you get the tone you were looking for.

Vintage Guitar Magazine, Mar '05
by Tony Nobles // The VG PAF Shoot-out 2005

“Lindy Fralin Vintage Hot (Ohms = 9.0K)”

“This is a medium-/high-output pickup. Fat and Loud, but not messy. Has almost no quack and retains mid peak when pushed hard. Has good bass and slightly reduced treble. Not excessively dark, and mids are great. Has a really cool texture - fuzzy without being bright or losing bass. Texture is complex and the pickup is responsive. Compresses very well and harmonics are swirly and thick. Harmonic overtones are distinct, and do not wash out each other.

Bottom Line: Rocking, big, fat, and a little swirly.”

Read the entire review at


Guitar Player magazine, Apr '94
by Andy Widders Ellis // Lindy Fralin Single Coils

“...If you took the traditional sound of Fender's '57 & '62 and sprinkled magic dust on it, you'd hear something resembling Lindy Fralin (calibrated trio, $220) single-coils. They've got everything--nuts, ring, shimmer, detail--in sensational balance. They're slightly hotter than stock Fenders, but not as potent as the Texas Specials.

Consequently, the Fralins allow more chimey harmonics to bloom in the upper frequencies. These pickups put a lovely grind on our 50-watt Marshall. Still, it's evident Fralin doesn't mind sacrificing output for top and clarity. These hand wound babies are for connoisseurs and priced accordingly.

In our opinion, they'll enhance the inherent character of a Strat through, say, a nice blackface Super Reverb or an old Marshall head without imposing any foreign artifacts. You can sense string windings, fretboard wood, and trem springs through the Fralins beautifully sweet, slightly meaty voice. We especially enjoyed the ringing fat bridge pickup-typically a Strat's Achilles heel. Features hand-bevelled staggered polepiece magnets, cloth covered wire, potted coils, a reverse-wound middle pickup, detailed installation instructions and diagram, and a ten-year (!) warranty. "Cops the balls-with-clarity award." "Refined, not loud" "No harshness, no broken glass shards." "Complex and satisfying " "Dig that lower midrange push"...”

Frage zum Produkt

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