Lovepedal ET-ST Eternity Stacked - Double Overdrive

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Lovepedal ET-ST Eternity Stacked Double Overdrive

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Effektgerät E-Gitarre ? Effekt-Typ: Overdrive ? Bauart: Analog ? Mono/Stereo: Mono In, Mono Out ? Regler: 2x Level, Gain, Tone ? Modes: 3 Modes ? Bypass Modus: True Bypass ? Stromversorgung: 9 VDC, Center negative ? Stromverbrauch: k. A. ? Batteriebetrieb: Batteriebetrieb möglich ? Batterie-Typ: 9 V Block ? Gehäuseformat: Medium Size ? Produktionsland: Made in USA ? Boutique Effekt: ja ? Custom Shop Pedal
2 Eternaty Schaltkreise in einem Gehäuse Aus dem Lovepedal Custom Shop kommt das ET-ST Pedal. Lovepedal hat 2 Schaltkreise des erfolgreichen Eternity Overdrives in ein Gehäuse gepackt. Beide Sektionen können einzeln oder auch hintereinander geschaltet genutzt werden - somit kann ein großer Bereich an Overdrive und Lead Sounds abgedeckt werden. Wie schon beim Eternity Einzelpedal, läßt sich der Grad der Verzerrung gut mit dem Volume Poti der Gitarre dosieren.

Two of our classic, modded pedals under one roof. One side blues, one side rock, both sides = Eternity Stack! Overlaying the two sides can result in many options depending on how each are set.
The idea is to use them together to really cut through the mix for a solo section.

The right side, or E1 side of the ET-ST is very much like the Kanji Eternity with that natural "woodiness" everyone talks about. Sounds like nice hollow wood (emphasis on the hollow). Very nice "vintagy" drive.

The left, or E2 side, is very much more modern tone, as well as being far more aggressive. Definately marshally. I was actually surprised by how much gain was available. Not as much as the Dover Drive, but yet not terribly unlike it.  With the volme knobs set at the same setting (on mine anyway), the E2 side has much less volume. 

Stacked they sound quite nice. Lots of sustain. Much as you would expect from two OD pedals stacked. They play fairly nicely together. With both gains dimed they squeal a bit. I still get that high end bump when they are stacked that I get stacking my Kanji with other pedals. 

Model: Lovepedal ET-ST Eternity Stack Effect Pedal 
Location of Manufacture:  USA
Comes as pictured - pedal, original box and info sheet.
Condition: NEW:  Unit is brand new and came directly from Lovepedal to us.
All electronics work perfectly.
One of the most versatile drive pedals money can buy.

Works also on 18 V for more headroom!
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