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Lovepedal Echoplexi OD
Lovepedal Echoplexi OD

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The left side is based on the famous Rat distortion (per LP's description), and the right side is essentially an EPH-3 Delay (tape delay) with 1 second decay.The EchoPlexi is a new pedal from the Lovepedal labs. It combines two famous pedals in one box: the Lovepedal Purple Plexi and the Hermida EPH-3 delay. The two sides are independent and there's an order switch to decide which one goes first. You can push the echo with the plexi for the classic tones, or get the huge echoplex into the plexi sound.The echo side has trails, flutter, and killer repeats. It's the Hermida take on the classic Echoplex tape delay. It's probably one of the best delays I have ever played period. Handles sirt boxes ike a champ, never does the unit get in the way or wash over your tone. Lush, fat, warm tones thanks to the FET preamp and recovery stage make this custom build a must have for every guitar player.The Plexi side goes from a broken-up JTM45 to as gainy as an 80's JCM800. The gain cleans up with the volume and pick attack. The Drive knob serves to control how this unit changes into different Plexi era characteristics. At the bottom of the sweep a nice JTM45 tone is present, roll back your volume knob on the guitar and the clipping goes away, just like the real thing! Advance the Tone control while turning up the Drive and all of a sudden you are in 68 Plexi 100 land. Max the drive and it's full on JCM800 roar.

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