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Lovepedal HSR-3 Multi Verb B-Stock
HSR-3 Multi Verb

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HSR-3 Multi Verb

Vielleicht das heißeste neue Pedal von Lovepedal im Jahr 2015!  Bitte Video anschauen!

Super reverb device that implements 3 different machines to cover all of your needs.

HALL mode: has a natural, large room decay. 

SHIMMER mode: elevates your dry signal an octave above to give an other worldly effect. 

MODULATE mode: is a beautiful, breathing reverb that moves and swirls around your guitar lines.The HSR-3 is a super fun, very inspiring, easy to use, multi reverb unit that you will not be able to stop playing!  Easy to use and understand compared to a handful of reverb units on the market and it just sounds BETTER!!!

The HSR-3 has something you don’t find often on a Reverb units, a tone control. It really helps the overall flexibility of the product. You can dial in everything from a spring reverb sound to a huge valley like reverb in “hall mode” just by turning the tone knob..

FEATURES: - Classic, touch sensitive, tones.. - True Bypass switching, making sure your signal is preserved when the effect is off - +9VDC, center negative adapter or 9V battery / Current draw 50mA Designed and manufactured by a “very smart group of people”  along side musicians to create the perfect balance of touch, tone, feel, reliability and grace. Controls: Mix – Controls the dry/wet amount of the effect added to your signal Decay – Dwell amount of wet signal Predelay – how long it takes for the note to leave the instrument hit the ceiling and reverberate Tone – Tone Knob for the wet signal Toggle – Hall, Shimmer, Modulate

Video HSR-3
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