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MOEN AM-RV Digital Reverb Guitar Effects Pedal

Artikelnummer: 55113870

MOEN AM-RV Digital Reverb Guitar Effects Pedal

Kategorie: MoenFX

79,00 €

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Lieferzeit: 2 - 3 Werktage

  • Outstanding digital reverb effects pedal
  • True bypass enabled
  • Simple control layout produces powerful tone-shaping
  • Robust design that is perfect for gigging guitarists
  • Lightweight and discrete design
  • Powered by 9V DC power supply or 9V battery

Manufacturer MOEN
Model AM-RV Digital Reverb Guitar Effects Pedal
Dimensions (H x W x D) 52 x 65 x 114 mm
Weight 220g
Power Supply DC9V
Current Draw <140mA
Input Impedance 500 kOhms
Output Impedance 10 kOhms
Connections DC Jack
Input Jack
Output Jack
Controls Mix
Mode Switch - Hall/Spring/Reverb
Depth Mode Switch

The MOEN AM-RV Reverb Guitar Effects Pedal is a compact stompbox-style pedal that allows you to inject one of three exquisite reverbs into your signal feed. Whether you're an amateur or a pro, you'll be blown away by the sublime offering produced by this awesome little unit.

Hall, Spring or Room

The AM-RV Reverb pedal enables you to switch between three powerful choices that allow you to breath space and depth into your tone: Hall, Spring, and Room. Hall reverb is designed to emulate a large open space such as a church or theatre, giving your tone a vast presence. If you're playing in a small space and want to add some depth to your sound, or create huge sonic soundscapes, Hall is the perfect option. Room is similar to Hall, offering the emulated effect of a smaller space, offering a punchier response. If you want to open up your tone, whilst retaining a greater natural feel than that of Hall, then Room is perfect. Spring adds a subtle ring alongside the reverb impression, giving it a twangier sound than that of Hall or Room, and can be used for both rhythm and lead tones to great effect.

Creative Control

When it comes to crafting the reverb effect you're looking for, MOEN have gone to great lengths to make the layout as simple to use as possible, without compromising on the versatility of the AM-RV. The Mix pot allows you to blend the dry signal (guitar input) and the wet signal (reverb effect). The Mode Switch allows you to choose between Hall/Spring/Room. The Time switch enables you to adjust the delay time. Even further control is given in the form of a unique toggle switch - the Depth Mode Switch -, which controls the depth you want to plunge your tone to. Everything you need to go from creating a hint of space to canyon-sized soundscapes is readily accessible and easy to navigate.

In order to ensure your signal chain remains unaffected when the pedal is not in use, MOEN has incorporated a 3PDT true-bypass footswitch. The chassis itself is as solid as they come, and built to take a pounding in a live environment. The rubber grip beneath the pedal eliminates slipping, so that no matter how frenetic your performance will be, this beauty won't let you down.

The MOEN AM-RV Digital Reverb guitar effects pedal would make a fantastic addition to any guitarist's pedalboard, and at this price you'd be hard pressed to find a more versatile, roadworthy reverb unit.

Artikelgewicht: 1,00 Kg
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