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MoenFX MISO-8 Guitar Effects Pedal Power Supply with 8 Isolated Outs
MoenFX MISO-8 Guitar Effects Pedal Power Supply with 8 Isolated Outs

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MOEN FX MISO-8        

         8-fach Netzteil, wahlweise von 50 - 350mA und 5 - 18 Volt. Läuft auf 110 oder 230 Volt

Passend für Pedaltrain!!

MOEN Isolated Pedal Board Power Supply
The MISO8 will power your guitar effects pedals from one power point reliably and without noise, thanks to the onboard transformer isolation. Supplying up to 8 dedicated 9V DC electrical currents. Unlike some power stations, the MOEN MISO8 provides the user with plenty of options with the inclusion of 4 switchable 9V/12V 100mA power outs, and 2 variable outputs selectable for 9-18V and 5-9V respectively. Outputs 7 and 8 are dedicated 9V outputs.

Why Power Stations are Important
Powering 4 or 5 pedals with a daisy chain is fine, if they are relatively low 'current' consumption pedals. But if you're powering more than this off a single 9V AC/DC adapter you can overdraw the power supply and create electrical issues within the pedals. This can often result in unwanted buzz or noise in your audio signal.


  • 8x Output Power Brick
  • 8x DC Power Cords
  • 2x Polarity Converter Cables
  • 1x 240V IEC cable
  • 1 x AC output
  • Mains Voltage Selector
  • Flashing LEDs Indicate Current Overdraw
  • On/Off Switch for LEDs


  • Switchable 110-120V to 220-240V input
  • Dimensions: 152 x 86 x 44mm
  • Weight: 800grams
  • Maximum Current Output per Channel:
    • 1: 9V -18V / 50mA
    • 2: 5V -9V / 100mA
    • 3-6: 9V - 12V / 100mA
    • 7-8: 9V / 350mA

The Moen MISO-8 is designed with a high efficiency transformer that provides 8 regulated & isolated DC outputs that are split into 3 groups;

  • 2 variable outputs - the first can be dialed between 9 ~ 18V DC at 50mA, the second can be dialed between 5 ~ 9V DC at 100mA.
  • 4 switchable outputs - all 4 outputs can be switched between 9V DC and 12V DC at 100mA each.
  • 2 high current outputs - the last 2 outputs provide a 9V DC supply at 350ma each for those power hungry effects.

The unit also features LED indicators for each output, overload protection for each output, side radiator louver design to ensure it works properly even in a hot environment, 110v/220v AC input switch and an AC power outlet on the rear.


  • LED indicators for each output.
  • Overload protection for each output.
  • Side radiator louver design to ensure it works properly even in a hot environment.
  • 110v/220v AC input switch.
  • AC power outlet on the rear.

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