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Mr Black Downward Spiral Echo
Mr. Black Downward Spiral Echo

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Ein normales Delay? JEIN! Das Downward Spiral von Mr. Black kann nicht nur richtig gutes Sounds, es ist auch eines der abgedrehtesten Delays am Markt - völlig verrückt....

The Mr Black Downward Spiral is one of the most interesting delay pedals I have seen in years. This what seems like an endless delay is unlike nothing you have ever heard before and while it may be Delay in name in reality this pedal is a completely different beast.

What Exactly Is It?

This little pedal is an endless pit for your guitar. Every repeat of this modulated delay lowers the pitch and tone that makes it sound like your guitar is falling down an endless spiral or pit. This change does mean that it is quite hard to use this as a regular delay pedal. That does not mean it is hard to use however, it is really easy to pick up and get going with some crazy effects

The Controls

You have three key control with this pedal including Level, Regen and Time. At the highest point on the Regen control you might want to go make a cup of coffee if you want to wait for it to finish. It has a near endless regen time at the highest setting  and with up to 800ms of delay time available to you really drag out the repeats.

But Why?!

That is what we first said...until we heard just how cool this pedal sounds. While it may not be the most conventional pedal this one certainly has its place. Once you find out the right settings and just how to control it on the fly you will not want to take this off your pedalboard. No matter if it is just for fun or you want to create something a bit experimental this is a great pedal to have on your board.


  •  Modulated delay/echo with endless downward pitch shifting.
  •  Approx. 20mS - 800mS delay time.
  •  9VDC power (2.1mm negative center pin adapter) or internal 9V battery

 LEVEL: Adjusts echo signal level

  • Full CCW: No spiral (dry only)
  • Full CW: Maxxx spiral

 REGEN: Adjusts regeneration/repeats

  • Full CCW: One repeat
  • Full CW: Runaway with me…

 TIME: Adjusts delay time

  • Full CCW: Short
  • Full CW: Long

 BYPASS SWITCH: Toggles on/off

  • LED off: Booorriinnnngg.

Tech stuff:

  •  Input impedance: ~500K
  •  Output impedance: ~2K
  •  Bypass: True-Bypass
  •  Current draw: <60mA
  •  Power requirement: 9VDC adapter or 9V battery

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Frage zum Artikel

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