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OneControl Pedal Board MIDI JB Splitter 1 By 3X Out
OneControl Pedal Board MIDI JB Splitter 1 By 3X Out

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OneControl Pedal Board MIDI JB Splitter 1 By 3X Out

One Control Minimal Series Pedal Board MIDI JB/Splitter MIDI junction box.

One Control Minimal Series are in the manufacture of pedal post-bubble uselessness, aggregate and minimum, small size, simple but sophisticated functional, was completed. It is fitting to say exactly what Minimal = minimal pedal.

One Control Minimal Series Pedal Board MIDI JB / Splitter is wasting time in a variety of situations, such as stage and Studio is a tool does not. Passive circuit for the power supply is required.
This small MIDI box with two input and two output function is very simple, but very effective.

The MIDI in/out
You can place the pedal Board MIDI switcher control rack or external MIDI devices, synchronize your equipment on board from both synthesizers and DAW pedalboard itself installed the MIDI in/out terminals.
All MIDI terminals of the pedal Board MIDI JB / Splitter can passive Thru jacks for the simple MIDI cable entry and exit to the Board at.

As a MIDI splitter
By toggle switch located inside the pedal Board MIDI JB / Splitter, passive MIDI splitter 1 in3out used for.
By internal MIDI signals to make a decision simply to output the same MIDI signals from the outputs of the three can send MIDI signals simultaneously on multiple devices.

* Pedal Board MIDI JB / Splitter is a simple model of passive circuit without power. Through and through the MIDI THRU connector of common equipment of signal attenuation.
Also requires power so not equipped with mechanism to reinforce the MIDI signal in the internal MIDI active splitters and patchbay signal output. You may particularly splitter can be used if the attenuation of the signal leads to malfunction, such as by the equipment.

MIDI signal output device information of the signal as little as possible, to use the strong output, MIDI cable is as short as possible, please use reliable ones.

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