Rockett Pedals Boing Spring Reverb

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Rockett Pedals Boing Spring Reverb

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Das Rockett Pedals Boing Reverb liefert den charakteristischen Federhallsound alter Fender Amps. Das Pedal klingt sehr überzeugend, man meint fast, Rockett hätte eine echte Hallspirale in einen Bodeneffekt gepackt. Die Bedienung ist sehr einfach, sogar Drummer würden damit klar kommen - ein Regler für Hall, das wars! Let´s go surfin!

  • Effekt-Typ: Reverb
  • Bauart: Digital
  • Mono/Stereo: Mono In, Mono Out
  • Regler: Reverb
  • Bypass Modus: True Bypass
  • Lieferumfang: Netzteil optional
  • Stromversorgung: 9VDC, Center negative
  • Gehäuseformat: Standard
  • Abmessungen BxHxT (cm): 5,9 x 3,2 x 10,2 B/H/T
  • Gewicht: 0,73 Kg
  • Produktionsland: Made in USA
  • klassischer Federhallsound
  • hohe Durchsetzungsfähigkeit speziell für Live-Anwendungen
  • extra-großer Intensitätsregler für leichtes Anpassen per Fuß
  • Klinkenbuchsen auf der Stirnseite sparen Platz auf dem Pedalboard
  • Betrieb mit 9 V Batterie oder 9 V Netzteil (nicht im Lieferumfang enthalten)

J Rockett make some absolutely incredible effects and one of their latest creations is no different. This is the Boing spring reverb pedal that can transform any amplifier in to a classic tone machine. Spring Reverb is an essential tool for any guitarist that wants to create silky smooth clean tones or add a bit of classic verb to their drive tones.

Simple Controls

J Rockett are incredibly good at creating simple pedals that can do a lot. This is a one knob spring reverb but that is all you really need to get an amazing tone. Just set it to fit in the mix where you want and you are ready to go with bright, brilliant verbs that can be heard through pretty much any mix. Keep it low for a quick touch or turn it up for full on surf mode.

Stunning Detail

While some reverbs will say they are based on the spring sound they quite often miss a lot of the more subtle details. Things like the spring like early reflections are often missed but the team at J Rockett have picked it up and this pedal delivers an extremely accurate experience. If you have ever wanted a spring reverb you can take everywhere you need this pedal.

Here's what J Rockett say about the Boing Reverb

When we developed the BOING reverb we had the live club in mind. The BOING is part of our new Tour Series line of pedals which are created around simplicity in design and ease of use. We wanted to recreate a reverb of the past which was specifically designed to cut through the mix and give your tone some atmosphere. The BOING is a simple, one knob recreation of the classic Deluxe Reverb and, like many of the classic amps, it is just a single knob for either more or less reverb.

We made the knob extra large so it can be easily manipulated by one's foot. There is a ton of headroom and the reverb can be made to be extremely subtle for use in front of overdriven amps without getting nasty. When coupled with a delay, like our Alien Echo, you can achieve some pretty spectacular, spacey, beautiful sounds.

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