Rockett Pedals - Chicken Soup

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Recreation of the ODR-1

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Rockett Pedals - Chicken Soup


Chicken Soup

 Der Chicken Soup Overdrive richtet sich an das Nashville Publikum. Dieses Pedal bietet Ihnen einen extrem transparenten twanky Tone, wie wir zu sagen pflegen. Sehr geeignet für Teles und Strats. Stellen Sie sich ein ODR-1 vor, aber verbessert. Dieses Pedal ist sehr einfach als auch sehr effektiv. Der Chicken Soup Overdrive ist extrem arm an Nebengeräuschen mit True Bypass wie alle Rockett Pedale.


  1. Volume: controls signal level
  2. Gain: controls overdrive level
  3. Tone: Controls high and low frequencies
  4. Power: 9vdc
  5. True Bypass 

 The Chicken Soup Overdrive was aimed at the Nashville crowd. This pedal gives you that extremely transparent twanky tone as we like to say. Great for Teles and Strats. Think ODR-1 but improved. This pedal is very simple but very effective as well. The Chicken Soup Overdrive is extremely quiet with true bypass just like all of our pedals.

Rockett Pedals Chicken Soup Overdrive is a superbly voiced overdrive pedal that will not overwhelm your guitar or amp?s tone.  It is perfectly suited and aimed for the Nashville crowd of chicken-pickers, tele twangers, and strat-a-holics.  On lower gain settings, it gives just enough grit and dirt to cut through the mix and give  your tone some rich and sustain and fire.  Higher gain settings will surprise you with some thick and sustaining overdrive tones, and some sweet compression.  As with other Rockett Pedals, there is absolutely no trebly fizz.  There is just warm and well-defined overdrive that allows your single coils to shine through the dirt.  But again, don?t be afraid to plug your Gretsch or Les Paul.  The Rockett Pedals Chicken Soup Overdrive will give those guitars some TLC also.   The controls are very intuitive.  Volume knob controls the amount of signal, the Gain controls the amount of overdrive, and the Tone knob adjusts the high and low frequencies.  Very simple, but very effective.  Crank the volume up, turn down the gain and get some rich and gritty country lead tones.  But if you crank that Gain, then get some real rockin? overdrive tones that can be colored with the adjustment of the Tone knob.  This is a fantastic pedal just to plug into and set everything at 12:00.  You?ll be immediately satisfied with some awesome overdrive and grit. 

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