Rocktron Utopia B300 Bass Floor Prozessor B-Stock

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Rocktron Utopia B300 Bass Floor Prozessor

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Bass players can rejoice as Rocktron answers the call with the Utopia B Series Professional Guitar Systems. The Utopia B Series unleashes an arsenal of tone and effects processing and each model is packed with plenty of great sounds ready to transform any bass amplifier into a Powerhouse of Rock.

Utopia B Series include:
  • Motorola® 24 Bit DSP Engine with AKM Converters
  • Full bandwidth effects
  • Stereo outputs
  • Heavy Duty Headphone Output (1/8 stereo phone)
  • Auxiliary (MP3/CD/iPOD) Input (1/8 stereo phone)
  • Rugged professional grade chassis and expression pedal made from metal
  • Power supply  

Everything you need to create your own signature sound has been included: four totally usable channels, 4-band EQ, and full bandwidth effects give you the tools to create awesome high quality tones that will define and complement your individual playing style.

The Utopia series is easy to use and operate. Fully programmable, the B Series features easy-to-read Cool Blue LCD Display, (no cryptic tables to decipher or matrix-led crossword puzzles ? just plain easy). Not merely a plastic toy, the Utopia B Series are built with a rugged metal chassis and roadworthy professional grade expression control pedal made from metal!

Each Utopia B Series model provides four channels of awesome tone. Rocktron?s pristine full bandwidth effects will rock your world. Pre-effects include wah, phaser, compressor. Post effects include chorus, 

flanger, pitch shift, tremolo, delay and reverb. You also get Rocktron exclusives like our state-of-the-art Speaker Exciter (for ultimate live and recording capabilities), Variac (tube sag emulation) and HUSH noise reduction.

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