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STAGG NGC6SW Instrumentenkabel 6m Klinke/Klinke Mute

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STAGG NGC6SW Instrumentenkabel 6m Klinke/Klinke Mute


STAGG NGC3SW Instrumentenkabel 3m Klinke/Klinke Mute

STAGG NGC3SW Instrumentenkabel 6m Klinke/Klinke m. Stummschalter (Neutrik) 6,3 mm

- mit Stummschalter (Mute Switch)
- Übereinstimmend mit der RoHS Norm
- 6 m lang - Durchm. 6 mm - Schwarz.
- Ningbo-Neutrik Stecker

Stagg Mute Switch Instrument Cables are absolutely perfect for gigging guitarists, offering fantastic sound quality in a robust, high-quality lead with industry leading Neutrik connectors.

Available in three different lengths (3m, 9m, 10m) for all situations and venues, Stagg Mute Switch Cables are ROHS Compliant - A direct restriction of the use of six hazardous materials in the manufacturing of the cable, and also as their title suggests, come fitted with an innovitive mute switch that puts an end to loud bangs, pops and crackles through you amplifier if you try and plug your guitar in with the volume turned up!

This brilliant new design see's a gold switch built into one of the 6.35mm jack plugs which keeps your cable completely muted until the connection is made into the jack socket either on the amplifer or guitar.
When that connection is made, the gold switch is naturally pushed in and triggered to unmute the connection and make the sound live!

Perfect for regular performers and highly popular with students bands, these great cables offer exceptional value for money.

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Frage zum Artikel

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