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Analog Alien Bucket Seat Overdrive
Bucket Seat The Cranked Sound of a '69 Plexi

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Bucket Seat

The Cranked Sound of a '69 Plexi

Der Bucket Seat ist das erste Einzelpedal von Analog Alien und basiert auf der Distortion Einheit des Rumble Seat.

The Analog Alien Bucket Seat overdrive pedal is a great tool to get cranked British amp tones from any amp. Taken from the drive section of Analog Alien's popular Rumble Seat pedal, the Bucket Seat is their first single effect unit. Aimed at nailing the tone of a '69 Plexi, this pedal can go from a clear, clean tone to harmonically rich distortion with a twist of a knob. And its 100% analog circuitry ensures the pedal is amazingly touch sensitive. The Bucket Seat overdrive adds that iconic rock tone to your rig. Analog Alien Bucket Seat Electric Guitar Overdrive Effects Pedal at a Glance:
  • Unmistakable tones of a '69 Plexi
  • Go from clean to scream
  • Completely analog circuitry
Unmistakable tones of a '69 PlexiThere are very few guitar tones as identifiable as a cranked Marshall, especially those from the late '60s. Now you can have that sound with this high-quality overdrive pedal. Like the amplifier, use of the pedal couldn't be easier. Just crank up the three knobs to your desired sound and go. So whether you're looking for a highly driven tone or just want to enjoy the clarity and sensitivity of these amps without the deafening volume, the Bucket Seat gives it to you. Go from clean to screamMuch like a Plexi amplifier, the controls of the Bucket Seat allow you to get a wide variety of tonal shades. By keeping the gain control low, you have a clean tone that enhances your guitar's natural voice. When you crank the knob up, you'll bathe in all the harmonic grind these amps are so famous for. And you'll have total control of your sound with the controls on your guitar. Back off the volume, and this pedal cleans right up. Close your eyes, and it will be hard to believe all of this is coming from a single pedal. Completely analog circuitry Analog Alien is all about tonal purity. All of their designs are inspired by the top-quality gear they use in their Cloud 9 Recording studios. So when they engineered the Bucket Seat, keeping a straightforward, analog circuit was a top priority. Just as in a great vintage amp, this allows you to be able to control the tone and gain of your signal by the way you play your guitar. And the true-bypass switch keeps your signal's integrity, even with the pedal switched off. Sweetwater guitarists can't get enough of this pedal. Analog Alien Bucket Seat Electric Guitar Overdrive Effects Pedal Features:
  • Overdrive pedal designed around a '69 Plexi
  • Output, tone, and gain controls
  • 100% analog circuitry
  • True bypass doesn't degrade your tone
  • Analog Alien's first single-effect pedal
The Analog Alien Bucket Seat delivers unmistakable British rock tone.
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