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Analog Alien Joe Walsh Double Classic
Analog Alien Joe Walsh Double Classic Compressor/Classic Amp Pedal

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Joe Walsh Double Classic Compressor/Classic Amp Pedal

Wenn der gute alte Joe seinen Namen für eine eher kleine Edelmarke hergibt, dann sicher nicht wegen des Geldes...

The Analog Alien Joe Walsh Double Classic signature pedal offers independently selectable compression and tube amplifier emulation circuits that deliver studio-inspired vintage guitar tones at the stomp of a footswitch. The Classic Amp circuit emulates many of the tube amp tones Joe Walsh is known for. The Compressor delivers a detailed, studio-style compression, inspired by rackmounted designs. And the Pre/Post switch allows you to place the compression before or after the amplifier circuit to further tailor your sound. Whether you're looking for Joe's signature tone or just a great vintage amp sound, the Joe Walsh Double Classic is for you.
Analog Alien Joe Walsh Signature Double Classic Compressor/Drive Pedal at a Glance:
  • Classic Amp circuit
  • Compressor circuit
  • Pre/Post switch
Classic Amp circuitThe 4-control layout on the Classic Amp section makes putting together great guitar tones simple. You get just the essentials of bass, treble, gain, and output, but you can easily access all sorts of different tube amp sounds. From clean and sparkling to fat and driven, a twist of the gain knob gets you there instantly. And discerning guitarists at Sweetwater love how the 100% analog signal path of the Joe Walsh Double Classic pedal ensures your guitar tone shines through. Compressor circuitThe compression circuit in Joe Walsh's signature pedal delivers a pristine, produced quality that shares much more in common with rackmount studio compressors than many of today's compression guitar pedals. Inspired by the hardware used at Cloud 9 Recording, the Double Classic allows Joe to access his studio tones wherever he is performing. And the compression circuit is completely independent of the Classic Amp section of the pedal, giving you full access to the compressed sounds, whether you want a straight tone or a tone with some amplifier color. Pre/Post switchThe onboard Pre/Post switch acts as a virtual patch bay for your compression and amp tones. With a flip of the switch, you can place the compression circuit before or after the Classic Amp section. Joe Walsh uses this extensively, dialing in the amp side to shape and push the compression circuit into a smoother more natural drive of its own. Or hit the switch and run the pedal in the more traditional drive-into-compression format. Either way you run it, you'll have premium tones inspired by Joe Walsh at your disposal.
Analog Alien Joe Walsh Signature Double Classic Compressor/Drive Pedal Features:
  • Joe Walsh signature compression/drive pedal
  • Compression circuit modeled after hi-fi studio designs
  • Classic Amp circuit delivers the sound of various vintage tube amps
  • Each effect is independently switchable
  • Pre-Post switch places the compressor before or after the amp sound
  • First signature compressor pedal ever for Joe Walsh
  • 100% analog signal path

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