Dunlop GCB 80 High Gain Volume Pedal

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Dunlop GCB 80 High Gain Volume Pedal

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Dunlop Jim Dunlop High Gain Volume Pedal


Dunlop Jim Dunlop High Gain Volume Pedal

Das Dunlop High Gain Volume Pedal eigenet sich ebenso für Kontrolle über die Lautstärke, wie Violinen- und Schwellereffekte.


  • professionelles Volumepedal
  • Made in USA
  • stabiles Metallgehäuse
  • keine Feder, das Pedal bleibt genau in der Position, in die man es eingestellt hat
  • passive Arbeitsweise, keine Stromversorgung erforderlich


? The gold standard of volume controllers!
? Ideal for Pedal Steel or any style requiring dynamic volume
? Quiet, ultra-sensitive operation and heavy-duty construction
To set up the GCB-80, first set the pedal position into the full ?up? position (volume off) by
pressing the heel end. Then plug your instrument and amplifier cords into the proper jacks.
(The words ?Instrument? and ?Amplifier? are on the rubber footpad.)
Once the connections are securely plugged in, turn on your amplifier and set the maximum
volume you wish to use. Press the toe end of the pedal all the way down (volume on full), and
adjust your amplifier and/or instrument?s volume controls for the maximum desired volume.
Experienced players generally set their maximum volume a bit higher than they think they?ll
need, so that they?ll have some ?headroom? to push and cut through if the rest of the band (or
the audience) becomes unusually loud.
Now you?re ready to use the GCB-80. While playing, you can make super-fine adjustments
to your volume by moving the pedal in small increments, or you can make sweeping changes
with bigger motions. Guitarists often use volume pedals to create vibrato or Leslie-type
effects by rocking the pedal while playing.
The GCB-80 is also useful as an ?instant signal cut? device for swapping guitars while the
amp is still on. Simply turn the volume off by pressing the heel end down, then you may
unplug your instrument and plug in a different one without disturbing your amplifier (or the

Passive in-line circuit requires no additional power
? Pedal controls volume from none (up) to maximum (down)
? No springs; stays in selected position until deliberately moved

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