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Jackson Audio GOLDEN BOY Overdrive Pedal
Jackson Audio GOLDEN BOY

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Jackson Audio GOLDEN BOY


  • Transparent Overdrive and Boost pedal
  • Based on the celebrated Bluesbreaker/King of Tone circuit
  • Active 3-band EQ - for optimal tone shaping
  • MIDI control over all parameters, ON/OFF and Boost
  • 4 Clipping-Diode Styles with drastically different sound characteristics
  • 4 differently EQ’d Boost Styles
  • GAIN CYCLE circuit - for instant gain adjustment in 4 steps
  • Small footprint and top-mounted jacks - for ease of pedalboard mounting


  • Input Impedance: 1M
  • Output Impedance: 100k
  • Power Supply: DC
  • Voltage Input: 9V MAX
  • Polarity: Center Negative
  • Min Current Required: 150mA
  • Dimensions: 2.7” x 4.875?

The Golden Boy’s tone is based on the Bluesbreaker and King of Tone overdrives, both of which have an organic, amp-like sound. The core tone of the Golden Boy is transparent, open, and natural sounding. It gives some added dirt and bite without masking the tone of your guitar.

However, there’s more than one overdrive in the Golden Boy thanks to the four clipping diode presets. By cycling through the presets via the Drive footswitch you can instantly change the character of your overdrive. Presets includes a classic Tube Screamer sound, asymmetrical clipping for a more complex tone, symmetrical clipping for a more direct sound, and a Vintage Marshall style tone for high headroom and an open sound.

Gain Cycle
There’s also the inventive Gain Cycle feature which, when you press both footswitches at the same time, cycles the amount of gain in four equal increments up to the level set on the gain knob. For example if you set it to 100% the gain will increase in steps of 25% until it hits the max. This is a great way to get an instant step up in gain.

Boost Modes
The Golden Boy also features an independent boost circuit using MOSFET transistors for an amp-like tone. The boost circuit also has four presets each with a different EQ for a distinct sound. Presets include a Bright Boost for a more treble-y tone, a mid boost for a thicker sound, a “Tailored Boost” designed to complement the Golden Boy’s overdrive sounds, and a Full Range Boost for a transparent boost that won’t colour your tone.

MOSFET transistors can suffer from an audible crackle when the boost control is turned, Jackson Audio have eliminated this at the expense of about 5% of gain at the highest level. The Golden Boy is already powerful but if you want to hear it at its maximum then you can flip the internal boost switch. You’ll hear that crackle on the boost control but you’ll also get the full, unrestricted gain.

MIDI Controllable
The Golden Boy is fully MIDI compatible allowing you to control all the parameters as well as activating/deactivating the Overdrive and Boost via MIDI. Using an external MIDI controller you switch up the characteristics of your overdrive and boost in an instant. No more crouching down to adjust the controls!

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