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KMA Machines FUZZLY BEAR Silicon Fuzz Pedal

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Power: 9V-18V DC PSU (negative center, 2.1mm)
Current Draw: 2mA (approx)

The KMA Audio Machines Fuzzly Bear is based off an underrated classic fuzz from the '70s – the 'Jordan Bosstone'. Why is it fairly unknown? Well, the original delivered a great tone but there was a distinct lack of low-end produced by the pedal. However, KMA Audio Machines has given this unique pedal a makeover with their German wizardry.

Now projecting a more full-bodied sound with a prominent bass response (which can be adjusted via the 'Skin/Meat' control), you can explore the full potential of that old-school circuit. Letting you attain those snarly vintage fuzz tones with plenty of fizz and top-end, cranking this knob will deliver fatter, more modern tones.

Versatile Gain Structure
The Fuzzly Bear’s 'Gain' control provides a variety of different fuzz shapes. Set it low for a low-gain overdrive sound with plenty of punch, or turn it clockwise for a more saturated tone full of chunk. If you turn the Gain control up all the way, you’ll unleash something really special. This will give the pedal a sharp and gated fuzz tone, really capturing that classic old-school sound from the '60s and '70s.

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