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KMA Audio Machines

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We love vintage sounds and we also love modern stuff. To bring both worlds together, we take those classic and well-known circuits and give them a modern touch to fit the needs of modern musicians, without selling their souls. In addition, we design our own circuits from scratch, but do not try to reinvent the wheel for its own sake. Also, we deeply respect the work of other companies and electronics engineers for what they do and what they had done in the past. So, let's just hold up high the tradition of passionate craftmanship, filled with love. All KMA pedal designs always start with developing the circuit first, so we only use premium components throughout as we know it makes such a difference to tone. Each model has its journey first along the prototyping ‘breadboard’ stage, gets refined until it tells its own story with custom artwork and isn’t released until we are absolutely satisfied with how it sounds, looks, feels and performs. Long story short - KMA Machines stands for versatility with the highest quality for modern musicians. Thank you for reading and being a part of our journey.