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Krozz Devices Airborn Analog Flanger
Krozz Devices Airborn Analog Flanger

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Krozz Devices


Airborn is a ­flanger that will take you on a psychedelic journey on a fully analog circuit.

Through a BBD (Bucket-Brigade Device), our pedal allows you to recreate iconic ­flanger tones that marked the history of music, ranging from the “acid” and “liquid” sounds of Gilmour to the famous “jet plane” sounds of EVH , also enabling eccentric timbres when in negative feedback mode.

Our flanger features a Panasonic/Matsushita MN3207 NOS chips.


• Level: Controls the effect volume. In addition to avoiding the volume loss characteristic of this circuit topology, Airborn's volume control can even go above unity gain and boost your signal.

• Range: Selects the extension of the frequency band through which the modulation will travel. At lower settings you will have a smaller range and more traditional tones. Clockwise the sweep is larger and the effect becomes deeper.

• Rate: Determines how fast the frequency range will be swept (set by the “Range” control). Clockwise the oscilation will be faster, counter-clockwise it will be slower and more “jet-plane-like”.

• Feedback: Controls the amount of feedback of the effect. The higher the knob, the more intense the effect will be, tending to self-oscillate when close to maximum.

• Oxidation: It is a frequency filter that acts only on the modulated signal and interacts with the “Feedback”. With the knob open, the sound is more strident, characteristic of conventional flangers, while counter-clockwise the high frequencies of the modulated signal are cut and the effect becomes more subtle.

• “+/-”: Selects between positive feedback (+) or negative feedback (-).

• Filter-Flanger: Inside the pedal there is a small switch that locks (left) and unlocks (right) the oscillator. With the oscillator locked, the filter becomes static and the frequency range where it will act is selected by the position of the “Range” knob.


Input impedance1MΩ
Output impedance

< 1kΩ

Current draw15mA
Power supply9V DC (negative center)
Dimensions4.72" x 3.15" x 2.75"
Weight1 lbs

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