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MOEN AC-BA Buffalo Acoustic Guitar EQ Effects Pedal
MOEN AC-BA Buffalo Acoustic Guitar EQ Effects Pedal

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Das BUFFALO AC-BA ist eine DI-Box und verfügt darüber hinaus über eine Vielzahl von Regelmöglichkeiten.

  • direct Amp to EQ
  • Headphone Amp / Out
  • DI Box mit symmetrischem Ausgang für direkt in ein Board oder Mixerunbalanced out für 1/4 Klinke
  • Multi-purpose pedal for acoustic guitar
  • Easy to read control interface
  • Powerful tone-shaping ability
  • Offers both balanced and unbalanced outputs from single input
  • Robust design that is perfect for gigging guitarists
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Powered by 9V DC power supply or 9V battery

ModelAC-BA Acoustic EQ Guitar Effects Pedal
Dimensions (H x W x D)55 x 102 x 142 mm
Power SupplyDC9V
Current Draw<16.6mA
Input Impedance500 kOhms
Output Impedance10 kOhms
Connections DC Jack
Input Jack
Unbalanced Output
Balanced Output
Headphones Out
ControlsLow, Mid, Hi, Freq, Gain, Volume, Footswitch

The MOEN AC-BA Buffalo Acoustic Guitar EQ Effects Pedal allows you to carefully shape and craft your acoustic guitar's tone, either to create a distinctive effect or to attune your tone to your playing environment - making it fantastic for live performers. The delicate timbre and tonality of your acoustic guitar is treated with the utmost delicacy, ensuring a smooth response that preserves your instrument's rich tonality.

Extensive Connectivity

One of the standout features of the Buffalo Acoustic pedal is that it gives you the ability to plug your guitar's signal feed into two outputs: one unbalanced and also a converted balanced output.

In the studio you have the ability to send an unbalanced feed directly to your amplifier, and a balanced signal directly to a mixing desk simultaneously. If you're a fan of re-amping then this pedal makes your life much easier, enabling you to use the balanced feed as a clean signal that can be processed later. During a gig you can send a balanced feed to the sound engineer for use in a monitor mix, as an optional signal that can be processed, or even as a direct feed to the PA in situations where you don't have an available amplifier.

Creative Controls

The three-band EQ allows you to shape and contour your guitar's output to suit your performance environment, or create a cool effect, without compromising the rich tonality of your guitar. With each control focusing on a specific frequency range: Low, Mid, and Hi, you have the ability to create subtle changes or impose a striking change on your tone.

Additional Controls

The Freq pot allows you to shift the Mid frequency range around, enabling you to shape the EQ curve smoothly or dramatically. The Gain pot adjusts the preamp stage of the input signal, so you can make it hotter if you wish to supercharge the signal before it goes to the EQ stage. The Volume pot lifts the signal transmitted to allow outputs following the EQ stage. As you can see from the range of options at your disposal, MOEN take the ability to control your sound very seriously.

The chassis is built like a tank, and is well equipped to take a pounding on tour. The stomp switch offers a durable and sturdy feel, whilst the pots are responsive without feeling too delicate. Rubber feet guarantee a steady grip so you can rest assured that the pedal will remain firmly rooted to the spot. The Buffalo Acoustic can be powered by mains power using a 9V adapter, or a 9V battery when mains power isn’t available.

The MOEN AC-BA Buffalo Acoustic Guitar EQ Effects Pedal is effectively an EQ controller, as well as a DI for your acoustic guitar, a multi-output splitter, and even offers a headphone monitor out. Whether you're an amateur, semi-pro, or professional guitarist, every player should have one of these little beauties. They offer so many options that you'll wonder how you ever got by without one.

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