Mr Black Deluxe Plus Plus - Limited-run Harmonic Vibrato

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Mr.Black Deluxe Plus Plus - Limited-run Harmonic Vibrato

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Limited-run featuring Harmonic Vibrato
The sun's out and the surf's up, broham.
Load up the woodie, get down to the beach an kick off your kicks, we're gonna have some fun today.
Splish-splash with a dripping spring and ride the motion of the ocean with smooth bias-modulating, harmonic vibrato.
Do em one at a time, or two in tandem for the double whammy.  Plus.  Plus.
This is gnarly, dude. Gnarly.

Features: ? Spring reverb and genuine harmonicvibrato. ? Use each effect individually or together for that vintage-y, vibe-y, voluptuous-y mood and feeling. ? Waaayyy more drippy reverb available than your amp can deliver. ? Mesmerizing, throbbing, true harmonicvibrato. ? True-bypass ? 9VDC power (2.1mm negative center pin adapter) or internal 9V battery

Controls: ? INTENSITY:   Adjusts vibrato intensity  Full CCW: Off (reverb only)  Full CW: Max depth/intensity ? REVERB:   Adjusts reverb level  Full CCW: None (vibrato only)  Full CW: Soo much drippiness ? SPEED:   Adjusts vibrato speed  Full CCW: Slow  Full CW: Fast ? BYPASS SWITCH:  Toggles on/off  LED on: DELUXE! PLUS! +!  LED off: maaaannnn.
 Tech stuff: ? Input impedance: ~500KO ? Output impedance: ~2KO ? Bypass: True-Bypass ? Current draw: <60mA ? Power requirement: 9VDC adapter   or 9V battery

Halle-Plus-Yeah (1:00)

Hurt Plus Plus (1:04)C:\Users\FBSC-12470-01\Pictures\hurt-plus-plus.mp3

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