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Mr Black Pedals Drunken Monkey Vibrato
Mr Black Pedals Drunken Monkey Vibrato

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Mr. Black Drunken Monkey Vibrato

Listen, grasshopper, and learn the ways of the lost art of envelope-controlled modulation, starting with the stance of the Drunken Monkey. This style centers around the nature of the envelope, and its ability to push back when pushed upon.

The Drunken Monkey comes to us from the mind and lab of Mr. Black, one of the world’s premier circuit tinkerers. The idea behind the Monkey is the concept of envelope-controlled pitch vibrato, where dynamics count as much as the tone of the instrument itself.

Depth and Speed controls function much like they do on a standard pitch vibrato, with a huge range within each knob. Set at their maximums, the Drunken Monkey gets loaded in a hurry, with buzzed-brain nauseous wobbles enveloping your signal.

The Alc/Vol knob is where things get changed for the better. This knob introduces the envelope component, by letting you adjust its sensitivity. With all three knobs cranked, your brain won’t know if it’s coming or going. Adjust the Alc/Vol knob to taste for some truly dynamic pitch manipulation, and you’ve mastered the art of the Drunken Monkey.

Mr. Black Drunken Monkey Vibrato Features:

  • Envelope controlled pitch vibrato
  • Huge range found within all knobs
  • Made in USA
  • Standard 9v center-negative power operation (adapter not included)

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